Arcturian Daniel surprise #8


Arcturian Daniel Surprise #8 DONATION BASED.
Monday, July 17th 4 p.m. pacific time.


   Donate in the USD box.

Please note that the email that is received, at the time of purchase, is the email from your PayPal account. Please make sure to update that email, or check that email for your connecting information for the journey.

If you do not see a confirmation/download email after signing up, please look in your spam folder before contacting Tracie.


As we all journey together in another Arcturian Daniel Surprise, we will flow with the current energies of whatever time you are listening to this journey. This means it can be listened to over the course of time, and it will still hit you right where you are at. It is always a magical time and filled with activations and downloads of information. As a collective we will amplify the energy and let it bring us to what is next.


If this is your first time to do the donation based journey, please put your donated amount in the box I highlighted here, after clicking the “Get It Now” box.

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