Iceland Retreat June 20th 2025

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We are so excited to be in Iceland for this amazing retreat held onboard Norwegians star ship .
3 full days of soulful alignment workshops
☀️group tour together
evening meals with like minded people
A deposit of 400 secures your places
Email [email protected] or dm #iceland for additional information on Iceland.
June 20th for 10 days in 2025
☀️Transformation together
☀️Working together
☀️Soul awakening
With Triona Sheeran-intuitive channel, International Channel Tracie Mahan and Guest Speaker Julia Cannon, on all things Metaphysical.



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A warm welcome to this transformational journey that we hope you take with us.

Tríona Sheeran and Tracie Mahan as hosts and Julia Cannon as our Guest Speaker as well as fellow soul travelers will be leading and supporting you on this inward journey of discovery, through the scenery and awe of Iceland, onboard Norwegian star for 10 nights. Email [email protected] for any additional queries.


We will meet on board on the evening of the 20th for an evening meal and a toast together as we break the ice around Iceland.

You have the option each evening of joining us at a reserved table for our group as we dine together onboard and recharge, or go it alone for your own reflection and time.

As well as the three-day life changing workshops, you will also be able to come along for the group tour to one of Iceland’s top destinations. Feeling and revitalizing with the energy together.

We have 3 days at sea, those are the days we will fully engage into the workshops.
On day 5 of the cruise we will start the first workshop, Day 9 and 10 at sea again where we will continue our workshops together, focusing on some of these elements:

Channeling into your Higher self and Team

Soul Language

Alignment and ascension

Understanding Energy

Soul exploration, Source and light

Your life purpose and your life path

Breath and Body

All things Metaphysical


Suitable for all levels of awareness and development. 

This will be TRANSFORMATIONAL for everyone.

This soulful retreat will awaken your senses at the magnificent beauty of Iceland. 

A once in a lifetime retreat to join your spiritual tribe, where you have the option of enjoying a tour or wandering on or off the ship (pool and hot tubs on board)


The following is  Norwegian Star’s Port Stop agenda

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Day 1 Reykjavik Iceland 4pm debark

Day 2 Djupivgur Iceland 11am-7pm

Day 3 Akureyri Iceland 10am-8pm

Day 4 Isafjordur Iceland 7am-3pm

Day 5 at sea

Day 6 Qaqortoq Greenland 10am-8pm

Day 7 Paamiut (Frederikshab) Greenland 8am-5pm

Day 8 Nuuk Greenland 6am-5pm

Day 9 at sea

Day 10 at sea

Day 11 Reykjavik Iceland 6am




EARLY BIRD – Limited until 31th July 2024

includes One group tour off ship, 3  workshops and cruise (all meals and entertainment onboard)

**Prices are in EUROS Please convert for U.S. Currency.  Exchange rates change often, so for the most accurate exchange rate please check current conversion.   Click here to convert

2799 per person sharing Inside cabin

2999 per person sharing Oceanview cabin

3099 Inside cabin solo (very limited spaces)

4222 Oceanview cabin solo (very limited spaces)

Balcony – pls enquire estimated per balcony cabin sharing is 9k (as per cruise prices)


400 per person or 600 if occupying a single room

Remaining amount can be paid per monthly instalments OR payable in two parts; however all final payments must be made by Feb 28th, 2025


Payment options below

Prices after early bird:

2999 per person sharing Inside cabin

3333 per person sharing Oceanview cabin

3299  Solo Inside cabin (not sharing)

4333 Solo Oceanview cabin (not sharing)

Balcony: on request a premium rate that the ship charges will apply at the time of enquiry

If travelling alone but sharing, we will match the right fit for you to share and make a new friend. If travelling with someone who is not attending the workshop the price for that person will be reduced by 850 please let us know at time of booking. If  wishing to share with a friend pls let us know  at time of booking so we can allocate your room together.

More information on the ship

What’s Included and investment plans

Cruise and all-inclusive meals onboard Star

3 days workshop 9-4 pm

One Group tour activity (tba) ‘

What’s not included:

Other activities on board the ship that may be chargeable

Alcoholic beverages / Wi-Fi etc


Travel Insurance / visa’s

Please read all terms before booking.

Terms and conditions:

You need to ensure your own travel arrangements , visas and you may need a passport to enter Iceland. You can check the requirements at your own government body We reserve the right to refuse admission to or return your booking (in full). All deposits and payments are nonrefundable. pls, ensure you have travel insurance due to an unlikely event you cannot travel at the time. Please advise of any disabilities – however pls note that we are not medically trained although ship has medical facilities, and this is a holistic spiritual retreat.

**Please contact Triona Sheeran for Early Bird prices, deposit information and links for deposit and payments. 
Email:  [email protected]


More about our team!


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Guest Speaker:  Julia Cannon

Julia Cannon is CEO of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy and continues the legacy of Dolores Cannon, her mother , who created QHHT (Quantum healing Hypnosis Technique). Julia is also well known for her work on metaphysics, her best seller “Soul Speak – the Language of Your Body“ is focused on metaphysics and how our bodies and our higher selves are continuously communicating with us. Julia works with energy which she calls “Light casting” which is phenomenal, and she is more than happy to share her knowledge onboard Star.


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Host:  Tracie Mahan

Tracie Mahan is an international channel, psychic medium, highly tuned empath as well as a Level 3 QHHT Practitioner (Dolores Cannon Method) reiki master, NLP and Hypnotherapist. Tracie has dedicated 3 decades to her passion and fortified her natural gifts with training and practice. She now comfortably connects with angels, guides, dragons as well as channeling various Star Being energies for enlightenment and information. Healing and stuck energy clearing are two of her passions and specialties.



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Host: Tríona Sheeran

Tríona Sheeran (Ireland) is both an intuitive and clinical therapist who specializes in trauma and Self-healing, self-empowerment. Tríona is a natural born medium and has connected to other realms, working in a corporate background until she went through a massive spiritual awakening she has dedicated her life to her passion, exploration of consciousness and soul. Trúona is a QHHT Level 3 practitioner, spiritual mentor, regression therapist and Between Lives who focuses on transformation. Featured on Gaia Tv, Amazing prime, “Well-being” by Hay House by Valentina Gaylord she works with her passion and soul.


**Please contact Triona Sheeran for Early Bird prices, deposit information and links for deposit and payments.
Email:  [email protected]