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As I am getting ready to fly out to Egypt, I am being told to schedule this directly after my return home the first week of May. So of course I am going to put this on the calendar, and I am excited to find out why that seemed urgent. 
I look forward to you joining us!
As always the subject is a surprise, but as we have the Solar Eclipse, moon energies charging up, 
and mercury in retrograde will be complete by the time of this gathering, it will be a great journey for all of us to take, 
as we enter into the new beginning and new energy created for us.  
And who knows, maybe even a little something special from Egypt as well?
What a powerful time. Lets bring it in with a bang!
Since I won’t be here to answer questions on how to donate please see the sample below. 
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Thank you to everyone for your help, support and contributions.
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