Ascension Activation Sessions

*This session is not hypnosis, this session is a Channeled Calibration of your energy and brings in information from Celestial beings that are channeled through Tracie.

Up to 90 minutes of Channeled Calibrations and light codes, meeting off planet councils, visiting other realms, clearing energy blocks, soul tuning, scanning your aura for any vibrational discrepancies and more.  Each session is individual, therefore no two sessions are alike. In your session you will be taken on a journey as Tracie channels your personal Light Council that has vibrational activation and information for you.  (Allow 2 hrs for this session for opening and closing conversation)

How to prepare:  Please have a quiet location with good internet/wifi connection, dress comfortably, have a couple questions ready, and have an open mind.


I use Zoom for my video sessions.  Please make sure your device is ready, some devices require an app for zoom (cell phones, tablets and chrome books are usually among these devices.)

*International Clients email [email protected] to schedule your appointment.



My Journey with Arcturian Daniel and the Imperial Council.

I frequently get asked how the channeling with Arcturian Daniel started, so it was suggested to me, by a dear friend, to tell the story.  I will do my best to keep this short and sweet. 


In August of 2018 I had taken a QHHT course in Eureka Springs Arkansa, where I had met a lot of very high vibrational people.  The Arcturian energy was there and very strong, however, at the time I didn’t know what it was that I was feeling.  I just knew it was hard to leave and go home. 


Once I got home I started to experience a great change in the way information was coming in for me.  I was buzzing and everyone could see it.  I had set up a trade with another friend, so I could practice my new level of QHHT with her.  When it was my turn to be in the regression, it hit.  I tipped my chair back to recline and here came Daniel.  The energy was so high and the information was coming in so fast.  I wasn’t sure what to think of it, but I knew by the way I felt, that it was a good thing happening. 

Soon after that experience I went into the channel with Daniel again.  Daniels’ energy is so light, fun and jovial.  I found that I was very energized after bringing him through, and I was experiencing an upgrade in myself.  The way I looked at the world, understood life and so much more.  I felt like someone hit the “On” switch.  I loved the changes that were happening.


Now, how did this evolve into The Ascension Activation Sessions?  Well, one day a friend was having a bad day.  I asked her if we could spend some time on the phone to see if we could get this to shift for her.  I was talking with her and all of the sudden I could feel Daniel coming in close, so I brought him in and the journey began.  


He took my friend on the most beautiful journey and through insights, reflections, healings, downloads, activations, clearing of energy, blocks and so on.  Once that was done, and Daniel receded, we both came out of that state we were in and felt like we just had an incredible experience.  She asked me what I call that session, and I said “I don’t know, I have never done that before!”  ….at that point the name for the session evolved from our conversation, and so it began.  


These journeys are so close to my heart.  Each one is it’s own experience, I never know what will take place.  I do know that I am always honored to be a part of it, and blessed to be doing this work.  


Our journey’s are unique to us, and these sessions are tailored in a way that fits for that uniqueness.  There is information that gets infused in the session, and the information comes in layers.  As you relisten to your recording of the session, you will get new downloads and activations, as well as hearing things you don’t remember being said in the session before.  I have had many people confirm this to be true for them, as they relisten they hear new things each time. 

The sessions are set up for 2 hours.  30 minutes of the session is spent talking, and getting information about what you would like to ask in your session.  Then about 80 to 90 minutes are spent in the journey, as you go into alternate states of mind and realities to experience the power of, not just source energy, but your true self as well.  This session is designed to Activate you in your connection to your guides, councils, self and source.  


I always know when I have someone book a session, that this person is really ready to know who they are on a deeper level.  It is a very powerful shift and awakening.  The work begins as soon as the commitment is made to do the session.  Your councils start working on you before you even reach the appointment.  


I have seen these sessions evolve in ways I can’t even explain.  I look forward to where they go and how they continue to grow.   


Thank you for reading this and joining in the journey with me.  May you have a very blessed day, filled with the miracles and dreams you came here to experience. 


Tracie Mahan



My client today sent me her reflections from her Ascension Session.
I enjoyed it so much I wanted to share it. #WOW #themagicisreal #ascensionactivationsession #PowerfulShiftsHereNow
“Coming home.
I have always longed to come home.
Home to self.
Home to purpose.
Home to identity.
How does one come home when my one is really 19.
19 different timelines.
19 different identities.
19 different incarnations.
12 off this planet and 7 on this planet.
Of course there is purpose and necessity in delving into all of these 19 but not so much so that I lose sight of this one I am consciously tapped into.
So for now let us focus here.
In this body.
In this realm.
In this timeline.
A master manifestor.
A keeper and shifter and healer of light.
I am a portal.
I am the physical form of energies that represent all that was, all that is and all that is one day to become.
I have the ability of tearing through the protective layer of energy human’s unknowingly shield themselves with to find the core.
The core of our truth.
Of our existence.
Of our purpose.
And that truth is coded in the fibers of earth.
In noticing and appreciating the way nature and human interact.
It is the only tangible evidence we have that resembles the way the universe is only but a mere part of the larger scale – the mult-verse.
And until we understand and honor that connection – we will be limited to human consciousness which can not fathom what lies beyond the multi-verse.
Coming home is not about coming home to our physical self.
It is about coming home to the ways of the Earth.
To knowing when it is about to rain by the way the leaves change direction, the animals fall to the ground for rest, by the way the air shifts and smells.
It is about tuning into our senses in order to see – with our body.
Full body seeing – one that uses all of the senses and trusts what you receive.
What does the divine feminine mean?
How do I harvest and awaken the divine feminine?
And why me – when I feel so disconnected from my inner feminine?
When I am healing.
When I am channeling.
When I am creating – I am in my divine feminine.
It is here – where people see me and I see them.
It is the place of nurture but also of neutrality.
It is the place where our stories meet.
As a mother – to the land we protect and honor.
As a mother – to the human we hold and nurture.
As a mother – to the dreams we create and inspire.
As a mother – to the cosmos we remain open and neutral.
We passively observe.
We dutifully watch.
My right hand holds the power of femininity.
It sees with touch.
It dances with energy.
It calls the soul of this body and of those I encounter home.
To the Earth.
To their core.
While the whole world focuses on expansion.
It is my role to focus on moving inward.
It is my role to carve the tunnels inward that souls will travel to meet their origin.
A gatekeeper.
A holder of light.
Waiting for the moment the sleeping souls rise.
Clothing the base of their homes in a golden light.
Until they feel safe to emerge.
One can only emerge if they first journeyed within.
As I have done.
A wounded healer.
Someone who has made the journey from light to dark and back to light again.
I am becoming a master manifestor in this realm – in this body.
Using my mind and my voice – things will come to life.
As my third eye awakens – I will begin to struggle discerning reality from my third eye visions.
This will be proof that I am in my highest state.
Light activations for me will hold new language, new traditions, new ceremonial practices, new information, new DNA, new physical and energetic pathways, codes and structures.
I will begin to see myself in all living things – in trees, in plants, in animals, in weather, in other human beings, in music, in artwork.
It is through life I will understand what is within me internally.
There is a cosmos within me.
There is fire – warmth, passion, life.
There is water – emotion, femininity, grace.
There is air – movement, freedom, expansion.
There is earth – soil, the grounding energy, the inner earth beings and their energy.
I am a kaleidoscope of light – of energy – of purpose.
Understood by a select few and yet a welcomed sight to many.
I am an artist of words, of energy, of ritual.
It will take lifetimes to understand and de-code all there is that makes me, me.
But I find peace in knowing that I am one of 19.
That is what makes me whole.”