Hypnosis for the things that hold you back

This is a small list of things we do to ourselves that keep us from achieving great things in our life. Hypnosis is like this puzzle. As a trained hypnotherapist I would go into the unconscious mind, like you would go into this puzzle, and look for where these negative feelings and beliefs are stored.

I would then work with the client to release the old pattern and beliefs. Forgive and move forward. Learn where it all started and let it go. The unconscious mind is a vast storage room of unwanted “stuff”. Things we don’t even know that are holding us back from achieving our dreams. It is my goal to help clear the “stuff” and open your life to “THE DREAM” again. Live the life you know you deserve to have. After all this is YOUR life and YOU should be enjoying it. Lets find the words in your puzzle and scratch them OFF your list.

Tracie Mahan Hypnosis Word Find Puzzle