The Universe wants us to have joy…

I received this beautiful story from a friend today… a vision she had that helped her understand that the Universe wants us to be in joy.

“I imagined I was a parent who is very wealthy. Then my five-year-old son came up and asked me for a dollar. As I was reaching into my wallet for the dollar, I said, “Sweetie, why do you want this dollar?”

My son’s eyes got wide and bright with happiness as he said, “I want to buy my favorite chocolate ice cream cone for 20 cents!”

As a parent, I imagined his joy as he devoured his favorite ice cream cone. I imagined it dripping all over his clothes and it made me smile. But then I asked, “What are you going to do with the other 80 cents?”

My son said, “I have four friends and I want to buy their favorite ice cream cones for them, too.”

In that instant, my pride for my son was overwhelming. It NEVER once occurred to me that he doesn’t deserve the dollar since all he wants is something as silly and selfish as ice cream.

What did occur to me as that parent was what a wonderful, generous, and loving son I have raised. Not only does he want to enjoy some ice cream, but he wants his friends to enjoy some too. He is spreading love and that made my heart burst with joy.

As soon as that scene flashed through my mind, I realized that’s how the Universe sees us. The Universe is like the parent who has the resources and the desire to give their kids anything they want. All the kid has to do is ask.

But when that child asks for something that gives them joy – AND spreads that joy to others – then the Universe is proud, happy, and full of love.

So that’s one way we can raise the vibration of the earth and the Universe – buy everyone ice cream. Okay, maybe not that, but you know what I mean, right?

Even if we want something that seems selfish, if it will give us joy, then the Universe is happy to give it. And if we also spread that joy to others, the Universe is beyond happy. That’s a way to raise the vibration of the earth, the people, and the whole universe.

All these times I’ve asked for my financial abundance, I felt too selfish to get it, even though I only plan to keep part of it for me and give the rest to organizations that are helping the planet. After that scene played in my head, I knew the Universe wants to give me my desires and is thrilled that I want to spread my joy to the animals and to the whole planet. ~Dottie D.”

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