QHHT Session

I had a one of a kind session. As I am talking with my regressed client, I am noticing right under her eye, a number appeared. I wrote the number down on my tablet with a little shock to what I am seeing. Then I thought, “hummm I wonder if I could get that to show up in a picture?” So I took a picture of her eye real quick, (I posted the picture below.) Sure enough the number 8 27 appears under the eye. The 8 is harder to see but it was clear in person. Once my client was back in the room and we were talking about her session, I told her about the number. Then I showed her the picture. We were both looking at the picture with amazement. Then She let me know that it is a special number, it is her daughters birthday. Wow. I love what I do, each day is a new surprise. …oh, and let me add, the number wasn’t visible when she left.

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