Our crossed over loved ones want us to know they are ok. Ask them for a sign today that they are ok and then watch the magic happen. This week I asked a crossed over family friend for a sign…I asked for that sign to be a walking stick (because he use to carve walking sticks) I went to an appointment later yesterday and in the office was a walking stick. Custom made just for her, just like he would have done. They want to give us signs. They love us and want us to know they are ok. Ask for a sign and make it something they can do.

Honoring each others process, and recognizing we are not all at the same place at the same time. This is not good or bad, it is not better or worse, it just is. Accept where you are. Accept where your loved ones are. Be at peace with it. If you find yourself in judgement of another person, stop what you are doing, and look at that mirror into your own world. It is time we all start taking care of our baggage, and stop worrying about other people’s baggage. Love is the answer for yourself and for others. Forgive, Love and Grow.

Everyday you have options when making your decisions. With each decision you make there is a possible outcome that if different from the next. All possibilities are out there for you to choose from….. Call in your Angels to help you pick the decisions that will create the outcome in your highest and best good. You hold the power and the access to the wisdom, start creating your amazing life now.

Waking up in Love! The Awakening process can, at times, be difficult. There are many shifts our body and moods will go through during this time. Keeping Love at the center of your “Awakening” will help you move through the shifts much quicker and bring light to what it is you are to release. Waking up in Love is truly the only way.

You have access to the knowledge the Universe holds. Step back from your problems today and quiet the mind, settle the heart and open the possibilities of what your solutions could hold. Be unwavering in your faith and call in your light brothers and sisters around you to hold the love and support you need in this moment. You are the channel for your infinite outcomes, choose wisely and the world you desire will indeed be yours.

The sadness you are feeling is your cellular memory letting go of the old patterns and belief systems you no longer need. It is like saying goodbye to an old friend. Your system is grieving. You are making room for something so big and wonderful that there will be no room for sadness anymore. For some of you this will make sense, for others you are not quite there yet and for yet others you have moved past this point. Hang in there everyone and call in your spiritual team to help you through the rough times. There is a new and amazing level of awareness out there and you are heading right for it.

Think of the world like a giant play or movie…… What part are you playing? Here is the beauty of this, if you don’t like the part you are playing then change it! Make a difference in this world and be a character you would want to see in a movie or play.