Manage Stress and Anxiety with Hypnosis.

In the midst of an evolving economy, job uncertainties, escalating gas prices, and the soaring cost of living, individuals are grappling with heightened stress and anxiety in their daily lives. The repercussions of unmanaged stress can manifest in various health issues. If you find yourself among those significantly impacted by stress and anxiety, and the challenge of managing them seems increasingly daunting, consider exploring the potential solution that advanced hypnotherapy training offers.

Try to find at least one professional hypnotherapy service closest to you, or just click here for online consultation with Hypnotherapy New Castle. With hypnosis you can learn how to lower your heart rate and manage your stress. You will also learn relaxation techniques that will help you to remain calm, relaxed and stable in high stress situations. Along with these techniques you will find it is much easier to just let things roll off your back and become more clear about direction and priorities in life. Feeling calmer and more relaxed through out your day will not only help you in the long run with your health related issues but it will also help you in your relationships. Being a calmer and more relaxed person makes you more desirable to be around and you will give others the gift of calmness and a sense of peace as well.

If Stress and Anxiety are ruling your life please feel free to contact me for up to a 15 min free consultation over the phone to see if Hypnosis is the right fit for you.

Tracie Mahan

Releasing the past with Hypnotherapy

Do you have a past that haunts you? Bad relationship or childhood? Often times when we have bad experiences we suppress them into the unconscious. If you have had an experience like this and you are finding it is getting in the way of you living your life or causing you health problems as it is manifesting into a physical form then maybe hypnosis can help. With a series of techniques including hypnosis it is possible to let go of the past and the emotional wounds that it has caused or created. Think of how freeing it would be to no longer let the past control your future. To look at things with a new and fresh outlook. To no longer be controlled by fear, sadness, frustration, panic, anxiety, feelings of not being worthy and so on. Free yourself from the past and bring in forgiveness for yourself and others so you can start living again. Being the person you truly want and desire to be. Don’t wait for things to change on there own, take that step to start the changes now and get your life back. Feel more confident, empowered, calm and in control. Now is the time.

Stuck in-between. A story of departed loved ones.

Often times we think of our loved ones that have past on. Along with those thoughts our hearts are usually filled with love and fond memories. This is not always the case though, as some times these loved ones have passed before their time or have taken their own lives. I am here to tell you that you can still find your peace with that. In the last month or so I have had a couple of encounters with loved ones who have been stuck on the earth plane. What does this mean? This means that they have not fully crossed over to the other side or Heaven as we call it. They are stuck or lost as it may seem. With a little bit of help they can find their way to the light. First though it is important to find out why they choose not to go. ….for instance on one of the cases the gentleman was grieving his decision to take his own life and desperately wanted his family to know he was sorry. He was tied to their grief by what is called etheric cords and those cords were holding him prisoner to this plane or level he was on. Once he knew his family was going to receive the message of his regret and apology, he was able to cross over and start working on his lessons on the other side (Heaven). We asked this gentleman to send us a sign he has made it and is safe in Heaven and his sign to us was a sunflower. It was amazing to me how quickly and in what unique ways he was bring forward the sunflowers. It was such a gift to be able to help in that situation and I pray his healing and the healing of his family will continue and their love will grow.

The other story I have for you is of a young man who passed from an illness at a young age. He did not want to leave and his passing made him very sad. He had dreams of becoming great things and family that he wanted to grow up with and do normal everyday kid things with. This was cut short by his illness and passing. He did not want to go, therefore he got stuck in this space of what I call the in-between. He showed up with an aunt of his that was coming to see me for a reading. The reading took a turn when I realized he was in the room and that he was heavy with sadness. We paused for a moment and took time to call in his loved ones, Angels, Guides, Jesus and all help in the highest and best good…. I called on this young man and asked him why he had not crossed over? He didn’t want to leave his family. Once I let him know he could visit them when ever he wanted and be able to do even greater things for them and with them from the other side he was ready to go. He crossed over easily and joyfully. His sign to us that he made it safely to the other side (Heaven) was a feather. That was last night……today as I was in a Reiki share a friend had grabbed her singing bowl from the counter and a beautiful feather flouted softly to the ground….it brought a tear to my eyes as I thanked her for bringing the feather today. She said she did not bring the feather and neither did the other gal that was there. Where did this feather come from? …..I have no doubt in my mind where it came from.

I pray for peace for all of us here on earth and for all of our family members who have gone on before us. I am blessed to know you.