Time Travel on Saturday Feb 28th, 2015

This Saturday I will be guiding people through time. Past life, present life and future life. All three of these journeys can be very healing and help to bring clarity to situations you might be dealing with in the present moment. If you are looking for a change in your life, time travel might be just what you need. Check out the link below for more details.

If interested go to this link:  http://goo.gl/6Bg4Fg



When you are finding that the energetic pull of manifestation is creating things around you, that you do not desire, it is time to change your vibration, your thoughts, your words. When you take yourself out of the craziness of the events around you and get quiet, pray and pull in your Angels, Guides and God, that is when you can turn your situation into something more powerful and an outcome you desire. Start your day, today and everyday, with a prayer and check in on how your are feeling at your deepest levels. Is your vibrational output love? If not, find a way to get it there. God is bigger than your Mountain my friend, and God can turn things round for you.

There are times when the heart is restless and the mind is busy with ideas, good or bad, it is important to remember that we are not our thoughts, we are not our ideas,we are not our feelings but instead, we are the power that creates these ideas, thoughts and feelings, and we are also the power that can change them to a more desirable vibration. If you are focused today on things that do not serve your soul or your intentions for a great life, then change those thoughts and move out of that energy. Go do something fun to distract yourself away from self defeating thoughts and bring joy back into your life. God can change your life in a millisecond, make sure you are ready.

This Wednesday at 7 a.m. pacific/10 a.m. Eastern


Friday at 9 a.m. pacific/12 p.m. Eastern

Angel Message: Finding peace within yourself will help you to see it in others. Your energy activates a reaction or behavior out of others that are around you, if you are not liking the behavior or reaction you are getting, then step back and check into where you are with your energy/thoughts/feelings. You are in control of the shifts within yourself, which will then affect the way people see you and react to you.

Thoughts formulating reality and bringing all dreams to completion. Are all your material needs being met? Are all your thoughts supporting your needs, desires and outcomes? Pause in this moment and form a thought that supports a reality you desire…. Now, know this reality is yours to have. Bring it into the core of who you are and let all non-supporting beliefs dissolve. heart emoticon Dream big because it is all possible.

Angel message: As the energy of the planet can, at times be heavy and weighing, we ask you to step into a childlike playfulness today. Find reasons to laugh, smile and find your joy. As you bring out the inner child you will soon discover that your problems are no longer so heavy, and your solutions will flow in much clearer. ….So bring out that Child like wonderment and expand that energy of JOY!

Life is moving full speed ahead, did you get on that train? Moving forward in life can be fun, exciting and very powerful, but remember, when life gets busy, you need to stop and take time to remember why you are doing it all in the first place. Check in today on your priorities. Remember the who’s and whys you are working so hard. Bring balance into your day and witness how much smoother the day will go.


Feel the movement of the energy. When the door opens, walk threw it. When it shuts, trust that it is the Universe just bringing you a bigger more abundant door! You are always moving towards greatness. Believe in yourself and your dreams and then watch them all come true. You are loved on levels you don’t even understand yet. Go out in the world and move into your dreams and desires.