Online Workshops

Welcome to Part 2 of 

The Journey Into Alternate Realities 


Journey through the Cosmos using light frequencies. 

Experience your Merkaba where you are one with light particles and immerse yourself through activations of oneness and create what you want to bring into your life now.

Once you’ve moved through the cosmos, activations ensue as you experience many levels of the Galactic light codes, further expanding your DNA. These codes are activated within and unique to you.

Next meet the ‘Arcturians’ and the ‘Many’ as spoken through Tracie Mahan and Valerie Camozzi. Receive information relevant to your journey.

When:   Tuesday June 23, 2020 

Time:     3:00 to 5:00 pm Pacific Time 

Where:  Live Online Workshop through Zoom (link will be sent the day of                                the workshop)

Cost:     $44      Preview Image

*Allow yourself extra time before the class to get signed into zoom.

Depending on your device you may need a zoom app to participate. Please have this ready beforehand.

Have a good internet connection and quiet location for this time. There will be meditations and Journeys that require you to be in a peaceful environment.