While you are reading this post today, take a moment to feel the love all around you. Really feel it. You are LOVED beyond your wildest dreams. Soak it in…..then, imagine you are sending that love out to every man, woman and child on this planet. Esp to those who have hurt you most. Send that love to the violence, the anger, the hate, the greed and then to all the leaders of this world. Visualize peace, unity, love, safety, compassion, grace, wisdom and forgiveness to all. Imagine for just a moment a world like that as if it is already here. A world where there is trust, and love and it is friendly and inviting. A world where we do the right thing for the planet and the people on it. Where everyone thrives and does well. ….Call in the highest and best good for everyone and know that your prayer, just now in this moment, has been heard and answered. I greatly thank you for the time you took today to heal our planet. For the selfless act of kindness to see the human race healed and living in peace. May your love today return to you tenfold.