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So recently I made a decision to let go of my office space in Hillsboro and become more virtual. In the process of doing that I have learned of a wonderful site that helps people like me, and you. I have a service I would like to share with the world, and this site can help me do that while still getting paid. Now, the idea is to get a large following so that the prices can stay very small. (so share this please) By small I mean as low as $2 a month. This site is called Patreon. I will be offering 3 different levels on Patreon and with each level you get more and more. Come check it out. Better yet, FOLLOW ME!! Go on meditations, regressions and watch fun video (when possible) of interviews with special guests that you will only find on this site by me. Exclusive posts for the Patrons of my page. 🙂

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Energy Healing Sessions through Oct 31st., 2017

Everyday we are impacted with energy, some good, some not so good. There are times when that energy can grab on and make chaos in our lives. This session is designed to scan and look for things that do not belong in your energy field. …then clear it. Once the clearing is done we will rebuild that space with a much more desired energy, that serves you much better.  Email for a session  Put HEALING SESSION in caps in the subject line.
*Sessions are via phone or video.