***Live YouTube Channeling with Daniel
Well Tracie, this was amazing. When you answered my question about my cats it was so On point, I had to leave the room and take a deep breath. You said exactly what I got in a QHHT session with another practitioner, you basically said the same exact thing that my higher self did in my session. I’ve been following your work for a while and I always have 100% trust in what comes through but to have a confirmation like this puts it to another level. You also mentioned my hands being energized and warm – my hands having static was so far the biggest gift I have activated in my awakening and you pin pointing it was mind blowing!

****Ascension activation session
Working with Tracie and Arcturian Daniel was truly a transformational experience.  I was able to feel myself as one with Source and all that is and see all aspects of my life from that perspective.  The healing, understanding and growth we created together is palpable in my life after the session.  My partner even mentioned the marked shift he sees in me.  I am grateful for Tracie and her wise guidance as a facilitator and activator.  I highly recommend having a session with her if you are ready to more clearly step into who you are and what you came here for.



****QHHT went beyond anything I could’ve imagined. You’ll find her when you’re ready and your life will be changed forever for the better. Thank you for all that you do Tracie! ❤️

****Hi Tracie,
I wanted to thank you and Daniel for a safe and loving experience of self discovery and growth. In the short time since our session I have been working more with my energy and expanding the love out further to encompass more area in my surrounding community and will continue to expand out to engulf the universe (the All).
I feel more self confidence, strength, love and peace within myself than I could have ever imagined, this session showed me how to step into my power.  Human words are so limited that the only way for me to describe the ascension session is to say it felt like “meditation on crack”.  I felt so deeply entwined with reality that we are masterful, powerful and unlimited beings. The realms we visited felt more real to me than the human/physical realm.
I know with all my being that by healing ourselves, we heal the world, the Galaxy, the Universe and the All.
Much love and thank you.
Juliet and White Unicorn 🦄 😁


**** So, I recently had an amazing session with beautiful Tracie Mahan CHt, where I confirmed what I’ve always felt to be true in my heart!
Ah Lyran Love.
And you’re gonna hear me Rooooar!

****Spending time with Tracie Mahan is always a joy, no matter what the occasion. She is authentic, hilarious, relatable, and absolutely down to earth. Her abilities are the among the most profound I have yet to experience. Her accuracy, and sincere want to help you succeed in finding out the truth to who you really are and what this life means for you are unmatched. Highly recommend scheduling time for any and every one of her sessions offered. You will absolutely be happy you did.

***“My session with Tracie was unlike anything I have ever experienced! She was able to tune into things I never mentioned, and was a spot-on with with her guidance. The journey I went on in our session, is beyond words… seeing into the very beginnings of our Universe! I feel so blessed and grateful to have had this opportunity with Tracie! It was truly transcendent, heart-opening and transformational!”

-Aurora Seraphine


***Not only is Tracie talented, kind and generous (not to mention funny) but her connection with spirit and other realms is unbelievable. I have been blessed in receiving an ascension activation session with her and I’m still in the midst of absorbing all the gifts it contains as there is so much in it to grab. Tracie is inspiring, her unique method a jewel and I would recommend her for whatever your needs are. Powerful healing, activations, answers and solutions will come your way when connecting with Tracie and she will make sure all your requests are being answered in the most empowering way. I can’t thank her enough for all that she shares.

***Amazing experience, amazing person and amazing energy. I can not find better words to describe such a great experience! Just what I needed! Thank you so much for all your help!

***Thank you so much; my activation sessions with you have not only been incredible but life changing for me. Your connection with Spirit is truly amazing and so is the Spirit world.  Each session takes me deeper into who I am, why I’m here, what my mission this lifetime is and my part in helping humanity during and after the ascension process. The downloads and upgrades I have been receiving from Spirit during our sessions have helped me process the energy coming in at this time; which was much needed. Spirit is so loving and giving!

Your connection and clarity with Spirit and loved ones that have crossed over is remarkable. It has helped bring understanding, healing and closure which was needed for me to move on. It was so heart felt to be able to speak with them and exchange our love and receive the answers and understanding needed.

Most important I have learned Spirit needs us to wake-up! We’re all here to help with the ascension process and they are here to help us and Tracie you are one of the chosen ones to help humanity wake up. I know because Spirit sent me to you. Thank you so much!

***I have no words because there are none ..Tracie is doing work that us explainable and unimaginable to most humans..She has knocked on the door of the not so distant future…Thank you for letting all this become reality.

***Just wanted to let you know that things are fantastic… no pain, but beyond that just such a feeling of peace..  I think I am still in the WOW!

***Thanks again for the ascension session!! It was amazing and very healing. I felt a major difference when I woke up this morning, you’re very talented! Everyone should do one of these!

***Hello Tracie, I’m happy to reach out to you again after our remarkable session of Thursday! Thank you again for your warm and divine guidance and healing! My first connection to my real essence was something I worked towards the last 20 years, so imagine how happy and relieved I am to experience my real power. Now I feel like I am reborn and more powerful and confident than ever before. Last night I even meet my twin flame for the first time.😁😁 My guides are now so much much more present, sharp and extended in their messages….. //signed Binmozes

***Having an ascension activation session with Tracie was quite simply the coolest experience I have ever had in my life, seriously. I received so much clarity and guidance and felt like I re-connected with beings that felt like home and brought me in alignment with my true self. I received activations that truly changed my life and I feel like I understand my purpose more fully now. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for guidance or clarity in their life purpose.

***This whole week has been remarkable!! A week of growing. Forgiving yourself and discovering new doors, that in the past were unimaginable.THANK YOU Tracie…for making this ” new life possible.!! You are a fascinating and Divine woman.

*** Thank you so very much for yesterday’s amazing session! I am not able to put it  into words and am so grateful for how much you packed into one sitting! I will be joyfully processing, healing and stepping forward into a fresh realm. You have given me a re-frame to new. Blessings to you and for sharing your terrific gifts!


***I had the most incredible reading yesterday with Tracie. Tracie is authentic and provides amazing insight into our spiritual world. I would have to say the experience was one of the most meaningful spiritual experiences I have had. it has added to my spiritual growth and enlightened me in so many ways and given me tools to work on further growth. i will definitely be going back.


***Tracie has tremendous insight, knowledge, and wisdom, and has assisted me in several situations; from immediately connecting with deceased loved ones, career, relationships, house clearings, and health issues.  She is an amazing intuitive and connects immediately with my issues. Her down to earth attitude makes me feel like I have known her for years. And her humor also provides comfort to me!  The care that comes from her heart is amazing.  I feel extremely at ease and comforted after speaking to Tracie.  I would highly recommend Tracie to others, she is truly a blessing and angel!

***Tracie helps define the emotional struggle during difficult times and provides the light needed to find my way.

***Amazing, that’s one word that describes Tracie M. My sessions with Tracie are consistently spot on. She leaves no questions unanswered, her follow up, (if needed) is timely. I leave my sessions with Tracie, feeling very, informed, and my spirit uplifted, and very Light. Angel Blessings to Tracie, and all who read this!

***I love talking to Tracie and her insight and wonderful energy. I reach out to her when I need clarity and I receive that as well as feeling a lot better and with a smile on my face.

***Thank You Tracie! I thank my angels and guides that sent me free minutes to you!!! I LOVE how you help with whatever my dreams are and not steer me away from them, but towards them! That is a true gift that I have not found amongst others and I am deeply grateful and touched by this _/|\_ . Your insight and what you said were right on with everything, even more than you know that I was not able to tell you within our session! I am sooo grateful and love your guidance on what I can work on and try! Love and Blessings to you and your wonderful light!


***I really enjoy talking to Tracie and her energy. There is a great flow of conversation and ideas and I always have a smile on my face after I talk to her.


***Tracie has a soothing, calm knowing. She looks at the situation and like a friend you’ve had forever- tells you what she tunes into and helps you understand the big picture. And by big picture, I mean BIG- like what our guides are saying about the path we are on; what lessons are we to learn (or have learned) I always feel 100% better after a reading with Tracie because she’s so thorough! Thank You!


***I absolutely love my readings with Tracie! She is always so caring, loving, nurturing, down to earth, and it feels like I have known her for years. Her readings have always been amazing, accurate, and totally insightful for me. Her visions and clarity are remarkable and I will be forever grateful to Tracie. She has astounding abilities with her immediate and precise mediumship and her quick tapping into situations. She is truly an angel and I would highly recommend Tracie!


***These email sessions make me feel like I am sprinting through my spiritual development…I have become aware of so much that I wasn’t aware of before…I have learned that I become very attached to outcomes and constrict , not allowing much better energies and situational scenarios come into my life…when I release this constriction and need for certain outcomes my body becomes much lighter and much more centered…I,share this as I suspect this is an issue with many….gratitude and love,to,this,advisor for helping me make,such strides in this area, all metaphorically packaged with genuine love,,goodness, and beautiful inspiration…she is such an effective advisor and what an asset to your already wonderful group….


***Outstanding and superior are some of the words that would begin to describe this advisor. Her keen insight and empathy combined with communication skills and precision filled guidance gave me the clarity I needed. I am lucky to have been able to benefit from her healing wisdom! Thank You!


***Amazing, a word that doesn’t even begin to describe Tracie M.. Tracie’s ability to tune into and lovingly guide our family is simply outstanding. If there is any follow up necessary, she does it, ASAP. We are posting this with much Love and Gratitude to Tracie M. Thank you! Angel Blessings to Tracie and ALL who read this.


***Email based sessions superb..a whole new way to get clarity on issues…advisor actually channels directly from your angels/guides/council..it is actually a very beautiful exchange of love, inspiration, and information..then advisor will actually add her take very briefly as she reads your message…it is delivered by both parties in such a meaningful and loving way.. It is right to the point..no guessing games ..I never feel ambarassed by my disclosures….I would recommend this to,everyone who wants clarity in their lives..it is the “real deal”…


***Thank you so so much Tracie, I felt very empowered, it’s like you now me forever and beyond! I will be calling back soon — Lots of love!


***Extremely helpful reading!


***I’m so glad I called Tracie today. I felt much more positive and uplifted after speaking with her.


***Tracie is so awesome! Her amazing ability to tune into myself, and family members, is wonderful. I leave our conversation feeling very uplifted, at peace, my spirit feels so light, and amazing. Angel blessings to Tracie, and all who read this.


***Tracie is absolutely wonderful with her amazing abilities. With her intuition, insight, and connections, I have always had accurate readings, above and beyond what I was expecting. She immediately connects with my deceased loved ones, and brings forth the messages, that I know are only from them. She helped me tremendously with my mother and Alzheimer’s, and gave me peace of mind that I needed. She is so sweet, down to earth, like talking to your best friend. I will absolutely contact Tracie in the future and highly recommend her to others.


***What a profound and beautiful reading filled with goose-bumpy truth!!!! I am extremely grateful for all the insights that were presented and Tracie is an absolute sweetheart!!!!!! Many of the messages brought me to tears because of the depth of their meaning and how they are directly related to my current experience. I am moved beyond words right now and very determined to follow through. I can’t thank you enough Tracie…YOU ROCK!!!!


***Wonderful insight! Uplifting and solid guidance and Tracie is compassionately down-to-earth. Highly recommend! 🙂 Thanks for all your help for my family. 🙂


***Tracie is truly amazing!!! I cant wait to connect with her again!!! She is definitely a keeper : ) I really enjoy messages she has for me .


***I really enjoyed talking with Tracie and getting some help to shift some energy that was blocking me from moving forward with my life. She put me at ease immediately and it felt like I was talking with someone that I had known for a long time. I feel blessed that I was able to make that connection with her as it was just what I needed to make my light shine bright once again.
***Loved speaking with Tracie. It was so easy and relaxed, like talking to an old friend who always knows exactly what to say to make things more clear.


***Words defy me in all my gratitude for Tracie’s loving insight and guidance throughout my painful breakup. She was honest. She gave me the advice I needed and always called in the help of the Angels and Spirit. Today’s call to Tracie was especially profound.


***Loved talking with Tracie. I felt safe, heard, and understood. The messages were clear and resonated with me completely.


***Tracie was so sweet and caring in her reading, calling on angels healing and providing details about some of the upcoming events. Thank you kindly with many blessings.


***”I had a hypnosis session with Tracie, on helping me overcome eating the wrong kinds of stuff. I now can shop without buying candy for me! a biggie let me tell you!!! and I have slowed down on the coke, and drink maybe half a can, and it does taste syrupy!! am drinking more water!! that’s a biggie for me!!
Thank you Tracie for being you!!”



***”Through good times or challenging ones for others, Tracie is there to gently assist her clients on a journey within to seek comfort, answers, and solutions. Whatever questions you seek, Tracie lovingly guides you to a safe space where possibilities are endless and divinely true. A session with Tracie is like going home to where all is at peace in your world.”



***”Tracie has helped me release so much guilt and shame from my past, that she has completely allowed me to move forward with my life. Tracie took her time, being very patient with me and the process. She is also very intuitive, which aided me in discovering my true issues. Thank you so much for helping me release my bondage.”

***”I have been to Tracie in a group Weight Loss forum and she is very good about making sure everyone in the group is comfortable sharing with each other as well as comfortable during the hypnosis session. She is a great leader and very understanding and sympathetic with people struggling with their weight. I am really looking forward to having her do the “Hypno-Band” on me and I am sure I will be back to report great results. I have also had my daughter do a session with Tracie where she combined Reiki with Hypnosis to help my daughter work out some anxiety. It worked great and she felt much better long term after the session. I would recommend Tracie again and again.”

SusieI have to start by saying that Tracie is a true blessing in disguise and a true professional.I have had the honor of contacting Tracie on a couple different occasions. The first one was for some paranormal experiences I was having. I live about 4 hours from Tracie and she was able to help me over the phone. I told her a little about what was happening and she was able to tune into me. She has never been to my home and yet she was able to describe my property and where everything was. She also pinpointed the exact location of where the activity was happening.  All without ever stepping foot in my home. Needless to say she was able to assist in helping the individuals cross over. I no longer experience any activity.On the second occasion, I sought out her help with some difficulty that I was struggling with in everyday life.  I was able to travel over and stay for a couple days. In starting the session, Tracie makes you feel very comfortable. She has a way of talking to you, very soothing voice. During our session, through a series of questions, Tracie was able to draw out and pinpoint, an exact moment in my childhood that I had never thought about nor had any idea of how it was affecting me in my adult life. She knew the exact age in which it all started. She described certain traits, smells and knew the sex and the relationship of the person in question. I was quite surprised when she told me. How could she possibly know? Tracie truly has a talent. She is so patient and caring. She has a knack for drawing it right out of you as well as her psychic ability and intuition It was a pretty exhausting and emotional session for me. After the session she performed Reiki on me and it allowed me to relax and come back into balance with myself. I feel like a ton of bricks have been lifted from me. I feel so much better and I am looking forward to having a much happier, less stressful and a much more productive life.I look forward to continuing to work with her in the future and I highly recommend her to everyone. You will not be disappointed.Thank you Tracie for all your help! I appreciate all your patience with me over these last few months.”Susan

***”My initial session with Tracie was everything I could have hoped for and then some!  I wanted to overcome some things that I felt have been blocking my progress.  Through her casual conversational manner she quickly dives to the heart of what is really troubling you and helps you focus on it in a new light.  I was so happy that on the way home I called my best friend and the first words out of her mouth were “You sound great, what’s up?”  The very next day as I was walking out of the grocery store the clerk by the door said the usual ‘Thanks for shopping with us’ but then she added “You look so calm”.  I was taken aback.  What an interesting comment from a complete and total stranger.  I asked her to repeat herself and she again said “You look so calm”.  I thanked her and said “Yes, I am”.
G. Neal