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Online workshop by Tracie Mahan




10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Central time

Welcome to this extraordinary event with 6 wonderful lectures to bring you into the next level of Enlightenment!

In a world that is ever changing and always evolving, we decided, this Lions gate weekend, we are all going along for the ride. The Global Ascension Project team would like to invite you to this fantastic opportunity. You will spend the day receiving six individual, one hour, expansive and unique lectures. These lectures are next level and high vibrational experiences that will initiate you right into the portals of enlightenment.

We will have the following line up:

Tracie Mahan with a channeled message from the Arcturian collective, bringing in their message to the Earth at this time.

Erica Middlemiss with transformational steps to a more intuitive and expansive you.

Monica Dunn with a group past life regression to move you through time and space, to another experience you have had either on this planet or another.

Sarah Breskman Cosme with advice from Extra Terrestrials on how to be a super human!

Suzanne Spooner with an introduction to TAUK, how to channel and communicate with loved ones, your guides, higher self and many others.

Julia Cannon with an introduction to Light Casting, an Ancient Healing Art that will bring your healing modalities to the next level.

Panel Q&A – At the end of the day we will bring all six ladies back on a panel to get you answers to your questions. This will be facilitated and moderated by Tiffany Bazazzadegan

We look forward to spending the day with you in such an extraordinary way. We will see YOU August 6th.

**When you sign up, use an email that is accurate for you as all information to attend will be sent at a later date to the email you provide.

**Also, please have your time zone worked out ahead of time. This event is starting at 10 a.m. Central Time. Thank you.

This event will be recorded and available to you at a later time if you are not able to attend all lectures live.


Re-emergence Workshop

90 minutes

The re-emergence workshop is a wonderful journey with Arcturian Daniel to rise up form all the pain, attachments, expectations and more that hold us back from being our true selves. Re-emerging into this world freer and in the flow of what the world has instore for you as you move forward into your next journey.



No description available.


Arcturian Daniel Surprise Journey

No description available.

This is a one hour journey into the unknown led by Arcturian Daniel and channeled by Tracie Mahan.




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DNA / Cellular Upgrades with Body Alignment

This is a 90 minute workshop where you will be working on the cellular level with your body and DNA. There will be activations from the galactic councils that will be assisting in this workshop. Upgrading and repairing DNA as well as healing the body at a cellular level.






Mending Fences

Sometimes we don’t even know where our pain or triggers come from. They are deeper hurts from childhood or even other lifetimes carried over into this life.

This workshop will be targeting those unknown hurts that hold us back from out true best life and love. Come join in for this two hour online workshop channeled in through Tracie, with the Arcturians, Lyrans, Pleiadians and more. The gangs all here as they say. Lets let go of these ancient energies that hold no more purpose in our lives. Opening us up to the potential of the best love, life and living we can do during our time here on Earth.




Breaking Free

This workshop you will be guided in freeing yourself from old constructs that have kept you stuck or stagnant in the past, as well as doing the healing work around releasing old patterns, beliefs and cycles. From there you will venture into worlds of expansion, connection and happiness.




Beautiful Abundant Life

In this workshop, Arcturian Daniel will takes you on a journey to shed old behaviors, belief systems and frequencies that no longer match your abundant life desires. You will be guided through a life you spent on this earth, or on another planet, where you lived an abundant life. Where you knew your value and worthiness and your desires were met and fulfilled.  There will be downloads of new energy and activations, to bring in a shift in your current life, so you can step into a vibrational match to the outcomes and manifestations of your joyful life in this current reality.




Awakening From the Matrix!

This is a powerful hour with Arcturian Daniel, as you move through the illusions that are your perceived realities, and wake up into new possibilities. How to take your control back, and experience a life of your own creation on your terms.




Galactic and Dimensional Journeys

In this workshop, Tracie channels in Arcturian Daniel, as well as others, for a wonderful 2 hour journey through dimensions, time and other galaxies. This is a time for downloads, activations and transformations.
It is an incredible adventure you learn more about the expansive part of you, and finding new perspectives in life.
While on this Journey you will talk to councils as well as hearing from 3 Galactic teachers, who speak to you about your purpose, your gifts and help you step more into your truth.
May you enjoy the journey, and find your way to the deeper parts of who you are.



Here is a testimonial from Judy, who participated in the live workshop.
“The Galactic and Dimensional Journeys workshop was very powerful and jam packed with so many different components!
I personally experienced so much!
A shifting of perspective on the components that make up Earth, fun in the Dragon Realm, travels to a water world, meeting with Galactic Councils, activating crystals and the grid, and so much more!!!
What an amazing experience!!
Tracie is highly skilled in this work and I thoroughly recommend this and all her other workshops.”


Soul Repair Series

5 workshops for a reduced price!

This series will take you on journeys to self love and soul repair. It is a healing and self empowering series.

Each journey is unique and powerful. Every time you listen you will get something new from it. The downloads and activations in these workshops are timeless, and activating in new ways each time you listen. They meet you where you are at. If change and soul growth are what you are looking for, this series will move you right where you need to be.




Ascension to Self Love

Welcome to Ascension to Self Love. This is the 5th and final Workshop in the Soul Repair Series. However you do not have to attend all the workshops in this series, or do them in any certain order.

In this workshop, Arcturian Daniel, Channeled by Tracie Mahan, will be guiding you to self love and acceptance. This is a time for the planet, and all who are on it, to heal the old wounds and find self love. Arcturian Daniel, and all of Tracie’s Benevolent guides are here to aid and assist in the best way they can, to help human kind reach a greater state of love, compassion and understanding of self and humanity.




Bridging the Gap

In this workshop Tracie will channel Arcturian Daniel to bridge the gap between you and source, as well as the oneness consciousness that is available to you at this time.

This workshop is the 4th in the soul repair series, however you do not have to attend all the workshops in this series, or do them in any certain order.




Discovering Love Through the Pain

In this workshop Daniel will bring you through a transition from pain to love. Daniel will bring you to understanding the reason for the pain as well as facilitating an activation into the next level of your gifts and self love.




Releasing the Old Story

This is a transformational workshop that will be targeting the deeper stories within your subconscious mind and your inner responses to the world around you. This workshop will be moving you into a new way of looking at life, love, how you see yourself and the world you live in.

As you step into a new version of you, the rest of the world will have no choice but to respond to the way you are showing up in your truest form and best self.

It is time for the new story to support you and bring you to your dreams.



The Key to your light is within.

This workshop is the beginning of a soul repair series.

As I was meditating on this workshop I was told that it is a series to prepare us for the next level of information and activations that will be coming in.

To set our energies so they are receptive to the next influx of waves and downloads.

It is important for us to step into loving ourselves and knowing we are all worthy of great things.

When you purchase this workshop you will initiate the onset of your journey to soul repair and self love. You will be telling the Universe, your guides and your higher self that you are ready for what comes next.

It is a very exciting time ahead.




Bundle and Save!!

This is a transformational set of journeys that will move you out of an old way of thinking/being, into a new and expansive reality.


Savings of $33.



Soul Transcendence

This workshop will be surpassing the usual limits. Beyond the range of usual perception, as Daniel transcends you beyond what you perceive to be real.




Braiding the Threads of the Universe Audio

In this workshop “Braiding the Threads of the Universe”, Tracie Mahan will Channel in Daniel and Friends to bring you on a journey of the Universe. Finding the threads of the Universe that are your energetic match, and moving that to work in your favor in the physical reality of the human experience.


**Today I participated in Tracie Mahan’s ” Braiding the Threads of the Universe”, and, as with her other workshops, it was amazing!!  Each workshop has become more and more powerful in the experience and this was a very expansive and mind stretching journey.
The feelings, the images, the knowledge, the connections, the knowingness of all that transpires during this 2 hour period is difficult to express with words, but the larger part of me was further aligned and integrated with what we truly are!!!
Regardless of whether the workshops are experienced live or later, the results are profound!!!
Tracie facilitates masterfully and each workshop will open up areas to you that go way beyond anything you could contemplate.
Thank you Tracie, Daniel and the others who create these wondrous journeys!!! ~JC



Soul Emergence Workshop

Arcturian Daniel, channeled in by Tracie Mahan, will be taking you on a guided journey to emerging your soul and unlocking it’s potential. Working through the blocks and obstacles that need to be moved for the next level of your evolution to come in.

This workshop is meant to be expansive, healing and activating on many levels.