The Ascension Council: When one goes through emotions, it is not good or bad, it is not wrong or right, it just is. As the human experience, it is important to remember that you are not your feelings, or even your physical body for that matter, you are here having an experience. Today, be with the emotions that arise within you, look at them as if you are standing outside of them, and see them as the experience they are offering. Love the fact that you are here at this time in the world experiencing emotions like this, to let you know you are alive. To give you the ability to experience a human form, with love, touch, a voice to speak and emotions that help evolve you to your next level of understanding. You are living in a form that experiences love on so many levels, go out and enjoy love at the level it is being offered to you today. Be love. You are in a time of co-creation, start creating from the heart, from love, this is the key to your dream life.