The past….. Does it sneak up on you? Jump out at you when you least expect it? Make an appearance at the most inconvenient moments? This is what the past Does, it acts like a shadow and waits for the most opportune time to show up and sabotage your success, happiness and future! Time to say NO MORE to that pesky past. You have the power to set that past free and move forward without the fear of it coming in and destroying your relationships, jobs, love, and so much more. How do you do it? Forgive it!

Sometimes being highly sensitive has its perks, you know what everyone else is feeling! Sometimes it has its down side, because you know what everyone else is feeling. Remember when you are feeling overwhelmed it is ok to separate yourself from others and take time to clear and get grounded. Set the intention to only take in the energy in your highest and best good. You got this!

Everything I know to be true today, could all change with the information I receive tomorrow. Stay open to the possibilities and know that your reality is only that of which your beliefs and truths make it. If you are looking for change, remember you have the power to create change. Life has infinite possibilities. Let go of your limits and step into the infinite.

The world is waking up, and even in the chaos of that awakening, the magnificence and wonder of it all is beautiful and amazing. The truths are coming out and can not be hidden anymore. Yours, mine, the world’s… So live your best life now and be forgiving as you too will need forgiveness.

There is a beauty in being aware. Notice the synchronicity in your life. Check in daily to see how things lined up for you… Or didn’t! Follow the synchroncities and see how this beautiful world is working on your behalf. The more you notice the more it happens. What a fun ride!

When you change the world in your mind the physical world around you will shift. It does not always look like you think it will, and this may surprise you in its manifestation, but it will be indeed a reflection of the energy you are placing in front of you. Sometimes things must fall and crumble before the brighter thing you are envisioning can be created. For the world to have peace, first the hatred must be exposed and dissolved. This will look like a world of chaos for a time, but the truth is, the healing is in process and the future is being created. Trust your desires are being met. Follow your guidance and believe for great things.