Let go of the fear based thoughts today. As soon as you feel a fear based thought come in, think about how you would rather the situation be and spend time thinking of that instead. Go with the feelings that feel better….raise the vibration of not just yourself but the whole planet.

When ever we are striving to meet the expectations of others, we are setting ourselves up to fail. Know that when you are working at reaching your own expectations, goals and aspirations in life you will have the heart and soul to follow it to the end. When passion becomes the key force in your determination and drive there is nothing that will stop you. Live your life for you and the rest will fall into place.

What holds value to you? Everyday we encounter new things and people, our path can take us on many different adventures and bring us many treasures but at the end of the day, which part of it all held value for you? Tonight, look back at your day and ask yourself that very question. Do this for the next several days, and see if you start to notice you are finding more value in your day then you use to.

Some days may seem more challenging and take more strength then others, but if you call on your Beautiful Angels for help through those tougher days and keep the faith that you are always taken care of, then at the days end you will find that things were not as bad as they may have seemed. Take a deep breath and remember that the things you face every day only have as much charge behind them as you give them. Then think of 5 things you are grateful for…. your bad day will change to good before you know it.