Have you ever noticed that our paths can take us in directions we could have never guessed or imagined? …Yet in hind sight it makes complete sense. Trust your path and the direction you are heading and have faith that as you call on your Angels and guides you will not be steered wrong. You are exactly where you were meant to be and you are always loved. ♥

I will be happy when….
Have you ever heard that statement made? True happiness will never be achieved if you are always waiting for that next thing to come along that will make you happy. You may find temporary happiness through events, things or people but true happiness resides inside of you. Choose to follow your heart and your dreams and that is when you will find the greatest joys in life. ♥

Where ever this day takes you, enjoy the journey. See the blessings and believe that God is working for you in your highest good. You are a great manifester so make sure you are manifesting your greatest desires….not your fears. ♥

Blessings come in all packages… What sometimes feels like a disappointment or an unfortunate thing will later reveal itself to you as a blessing. We may not see it right away but the blessing is there for us none the less. Hold onto your faith and continue to ask for guidance everyday and in doing so take comfort that you are always in the right place at the right time. ♥

Creating our realities can be so simple, yet so easy to forget. Today God wants to remind us all that our realities are created by our thoughts, words and core beliefs. Look at how your day is going and if there is anything you would like to have go different, then ask yourself what you can change about your thoughts, words and beliefs. Call on those Angelic helpers and have faith that you can make those changes you desire. ♥

We all desire contentment in our lives. Contentment with where we are going, what path we have chosen, the things we have gathered along the way… What some of us don’t realize is we can have that contentment, we so long for, everyday! Have faith in your dreams as if they are already here and you will be full and satisfied. Feel it in your hearts that you are loved and always taken care of and that worry or lack are a thing of the past. You are blessed and your time for victory is NOW. Know your every need is met and peace will be yours. ♥