Spend time every day, even if just for a minute, treating yourself like royalty. Just close your eyes and see yourself in comfort, safe and taken care of. Know that you always have these things available to you and call on your Angels to help guide you on your path to feeling this way everyday. ♥

When making your life decisions it is important to take consideration for all involved. Hold compassion for how your actions can affect other people around you. It is important to do your hearts desires in life and to follow your path, as long as you are not doing it at someone else’s expense. When we leave this beautiful planet the goal is to have the “good” Karma side be bigger than the “bad” Karma side. 😉 Always ask for your highest and best good and the highest and best good for all involved and always act from Love. ♥

When ever I start feeling out of sorts or disconnected from myself and source I always realize that I stopped making time for meditation and reflection. New Years is always a great reminder for me to get back into connection with my higher self and my spirit family. Once I do that it seems my life starts gaining more clarity and meaning again. Check in with yourself today and make sure you are making time to be still and listen to that inner knowing. ♥