Sometimes we are forced to soul search, because it is time for a change, and the Universe is pushing you to take a look at your options. If you are feeling that push right now, take a moment to look around. What would you like to have happen? How would you rather be feeling? ….yeah, create that.

A message from the ascended Masters; Keep your thoughts high and off the material world, as you are creating attachments to things that do not matter. Raise your awareness to something beyond yourself and be purposeful in your everyday life, that is when your path will become clear and your direction more obvious.

Faith can be a tricky thing… it is easy to have faith when everything is going well, but when life starts throwing bumps in the road, keeping the faith can be a bit more challenging. Hang on… Keep the faith my friend. Sometimes things get worse right before the miracle happens. Stay on your path and keep the faith.

Moments of Crazy! Moments of insanity! Moments of complete Chaos! Yes, we all have them. ….But have you noticed that in all those moments you are given what and who you need to get through them? You are loved and taken care of by God, Your Angels and the Earth Angels all around you. Remember in these moments that you have love and support to call on. Keep love at the center.

Playing in a Universe of Possibilities…. what will you create today? As we enter into a new energy of the Fall Equinox (Sept. 23rd) Lets all set some intentions for how we would like our Fall season to go. Start off with personal goals and then expand that into Planetary goals. We have unlimited possibilities….lets put that to work.

As the world is shifting, we are becoming more sensitive to the energy around us and the people around us. Do your best to stay in the beautiful light energy as we move through these energies. This is a time in our history where the shifts are designed to bring up our “stuff” so we can work through it and release it. Do your best to work through and release those old patterns and beliefs. Call in the Angels to help you protect against the harsh energies of others and their projections. Recognize that what others say to you or about you has nothing to do with you…. It is their stuff coming up. If it is your trigger then please look at it from a higher perspective and awareness. Use your Spiritual team to help you through these times of transition. Stay strong and respond in love.

Have you been working hard towards a goal? …Keeping the faith? ….Staying positive no matter what? ….Looking at the bright side of things when maybe things don’t feel so bright? …Well I am here to tell you it is paying off. You are doing a great job and you are changing your reality to one of more joy. Hang in there, things are getting better and better every minute. Trust the process of getting you there. Change has to happen for the new energy to come in.

Our crossed over loved ones want us to know they are ok. Ask them for a sign today that they are ok and then watch the magic happen. This week I asked a crossed over family friend for a sign…I asked for that sign to be a walking stick (because he use to carve walking sticks) I went to an appointment later yesterday and in the office was a walking stick. Custom made just for her, just like he would have done. They want to give us signs. They love us and want us to know they are ok. Ask for a sign and make it something they can do.

Honoring each others process, and recognizing we are not all at the same place at the same time. This is not good or bad, it is not better or worse, it just is. Accept where you are. Accept where your loved ones are. Be at peace with it. If you find yourself in judgement of another person, stop what you are doing, and look at that mirror into your own world. It is time we all start taking care of our baggage, and stop worrying about other people’s baggage. Love is the answer for yourself and for others. Forgive, Love and Grow.

Everyday you have options when making your decisions. With each decision you make there is a possible outcome that if different from the next. All possibilities are out there for you to choose from….. Call in your Angels to help you pick the decisions that will create the outcome in your highest and best good. You hold the power and the access to the wisdom, start creating your amazing life now.