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Online workshop by Tracie Mahan


Bridging the Gap

In this workshop Tracie will channel Arcturian Daniel to bridge the gap between you and source, as well as the oneness consciousness that is available to you at this time.

This workshop is the 4th in the soul repair series, however you do not have to attend all the workshops in this series, or do them in any certain order.




Discovering Love Through the Pain

In this workshop Daniel will bring you through a transition from pain to love. Daniel will bring you to understanding the reason for the pain as well as facilitating an activation into the next level of your gifts and self love.




Releasing the Old Story

This is a transformational workshop that will be targeting the deeper stories within your subconscious mind and your inner responses to the world around you. This workshop will be moving you into a new way of looking at life, love, how you see yourself and the world you live in.

As you step into a new version of you, the rest of the world will have no choice but to respond to the way you are showing up in your truest form and best self.

It is time for the new story to support you and bring you to your dreams.



The Key to your light is within.

This workshop is the beginning of a soul repair series.

As I was meditating on this workshop I was told that it is a series to prepare us for the next level of information and activations that will be coming in.

To set our energies so they are receptive to the next influx of waves and downloads.

It is important for us to step into loving ourselves and knowing we are all worthy of great things.

When you purchase this workshop you will initiate the onset of your journey to soul repair and self love. You will be telling the Universe, your guides and your higher self that you are ready for what comes next.

It is a very exciting time ahead.




Bundle and Save!!

This is a transformational set of journeys that will move you out of an old way of thinking/being, into a new and expansive reality.


Savings of $33.



Soul Transcendence

This workshop will be surpassing the usual limits. Beyond the range of usual perception, as Daniel transcends you beyond what you perceive to be real.




Braiding the Threads of the Universe Audio

In this workshop “Braiding the Threads of the Universe”, Tracie Mahan will Channel in Daniel and Friends to bring you on a journey of the Universe. Finding the threads of the Universe that are your energetic match, and moving that to work in your favor in the physical reality of the human experience.


**Today I participated in Tracie Mahan’s ” Braiding the Threads of the Universe”, and, as with her other workshops, it was amazing!!  Each workshop has become more and more powerful in the experience and this was a very expansive and mind stretching journey.
The feelings, the images, the knowledge, the connections, the knowingness of all that transpires during this 2 hour period is difficult to express with words, but the larger part of me was further aligned and integrated with what we truly are!!!
Regardless of whether the workshops are experienced live or later, the results are profound!!!
Tracie facilitates masterfully and each workshop will open up areas to you that go way beyond anything you could contemplate.
Thank you Tracie, Daniel and the others who create these wondrous journeys!!! ~JC



Soul Emergence Workshop

Arcturian Daniel, channeled in by Tracie Mahan, will be taking you on a guided journey to emerging your soul and unlocking it’s potential. Working through the blocks and obstacles that need to be moved for the next level of your evolution to come in.

This workshop is meant to be expansive, healing and activating on many levels.




Online Classes and Workshops
By Tracie Mahan and Valerie Camozzi


Bundle and Save on 3 workshops

Take your mind on a vacation while you journey into alternate realities, move through the cosmos and activate your chakras and DNA. This bundle offers you all three galactic workshops offered by Valerie Camozzi and Tracie Mahan. Enjoy the journey of all three Cosmic adventures for a reduced price. Limited time offer.




Activation Highway Workshop

You will relax in a sacred space while aligning your chakras. Experience a cosmic DNA activation and take a journey to meet your Galactic friends and guides. Don’t miss this incredible workshop.






Journey through the Cosmos using light frequencies.

Experience your Merkaba where you are one with light particles and immerse yourself through activations of oneness and create what you want to bring into your life now.

Once you’ve moved through the cosmos, activations ensue as you experience many levels of the Galactic light codes, further expanding your DNA. These codes are activated within and unique to you.

Next meet the ‘Arcturians’ and the ‘Many’ as spoken through Tracie Mahan and Valerie Camozzi. Receive information relevant to your journey.





Journey into Alternate Realities

First you will go on an amazing meditation to activate your senses, through the great work of Valerie Camozzi. As Valerie takes you deep into your subconscious, you will journey to magical places and experience the world on a whole different level.

Then in the second half of your journey you will enter into Realm Jumping with Tracie Mahan. Taking all that you have gathered with activating your senses, and applying them again in the realms of other worlds, and parallel realities.

These journeys are designed to bring in your higher connections and activation with self, life and the cosmos.