Let go of the limiting beliefs.

Time to look at where you limit yourself. Is it in love? Work? Play time? Family and Friends? Faith? Yourself? Maybe the limits are in all these areas? ..or maybe none? Or maybe 1 or 2 or something not listed here? Check in today and see if you have limits you would like to move out of the way. Call in your Angels to help you with this clearing work, and know that anything is possible. It is time for you to shine!

Monday Night Happy Hour Show

Join us live tonight for the Happy Hour show!! We will be talking on Giving Thanks! We will also be doing readings from the chat room as well as call in’s. See you tonight in ‘The Chat Room’ right here on facebook. 6 p.m. pst / 9 p.m. est

Thursday Night November 17th

This week, Thursday Night at 6 p.m. pst / 9 p.m. est, I will have Julia Cannon on as my guest and we will be talking about her book, Soul Speak, as well as other wonderful things she has been up to with her work. Tune in live Thursday night.


You want “it” to change? You want “it” to be different? Then change the way you look at “it” speak about “it” and react to “it”! You have more control than you think you do. The changes start with you.