Like a snake we can shed the old skin of 2014 and begin fresh, clean, flawless and perfect for 2015. A year to remember, love and embrace, but also a year to release and say goodbye to the old. Happy New Years Eve everyone! Be safe, love and hug on yourself for all you have been through and accomplished this last year. You are amazing.

Often times when we need “Alone time” this is when we find ourselves in that space of quiet, grounding and peace of mind. This is a time when we are the least “Alone” as this is when we are finally at a place in our day, when we are saying hello to God, and our spiritual team. Rather we are aware of it or not, this is when the helpers, on the other side, can do their best work with us. Take “Alone time” every day if you can, and spend time with the team that is always on your side.

When you go through things that are unexpected and take you by surprise, it is easy to fall into worry or fear. The Angels are asking us all to know we are not alone. Have faith and know that things are working out in your favor. Life will have it’s challenges, and when it does, that is when we need the support of our Spiritual team the most. Call on them daily, and know they are there to help us through it all.