Testimonial from Soul Emergence Workshop

I received this email after the Soul Emergence Workshop yesterday. I can not explain the energies that come through when I do the channels with Daniel, but I do know that something happens, and there is a lot of energy exchanged. I want to thank this participant for sharing her story and for allowing me to pass it on. To read it is to clear something within ourselves, and I hope you enjoy the experience.

“The biggest gift for me in this experience is the massive clearing of my past/future life trauma with war. I wasn’t aware that I even had this kind of trauma until today. Since the workshop was live at 6 am HKT, I set my alarm clock at 5:30 am. Before I was wakened up by my phone I was dreaming about experiencing war and the anxiety & fear that comes along with it. The reason why I say past/future lives is because the dream I saw today has rather more advanced technology than what we have publicly right now. In it, I was living on islands very close to the war zone. The islands have connecting bridges (a very high-tech-looking bridge that seems to appear out of air) between the major landmass. I remembered I felt that war was coming, I and my mom (not sure if it’s my mom but in the dream, it shows up as my mom) went shopping for food and other necessities; but just as we were about to go back home, war broke off and the bridge automatically stopped functioning. I was anxious to know that we’d be trapped on this island now, and then my phone rang. So even though I spend time trying to calm myself down, when we begin I was still feeling the anxiety and my whole chest area hurts.

During the clearing, I saw some other lifetimes where I died as a result of wars. I saw in one lifetime my cause of death was bombing (please skip the following sentence if you don’t want to see the description), my whole cheat area + my neck and face + my abdomen were ripped open and burnt by the explosion. Anyway, that experience left behind a very deep trauma. Before this session, whenever my frequency starts to drop or experience some negative emotion, my chest area always hurts. It wouldn’t have occurred to me that I have this type of trauma if I didn’t sign up for the workshop, so thank you, Tracie, Daniel, and friends.

In the first part of the session, I was clearing the energy left behind by this trauma, all the pains, fears, and anxieties. At one point, I felt the pain leaving my body, I think it was when I release my judgements, I can finally have a proper closure to this experience. This also explains the complicated and convoluted feeling I have towards my own country, countries and governments in general and patriotism. Whatever grudges I used to hold consciously and unconsciously I can let them go now.

And when I stepped into the portal, I came back to the void. Pure blackness, silence and peace with a hit of sparkling light scattered somewhere afar. When Daniel said move to a place of light I went to the angelic realm and greeted my angelic families, after that, I saw myself in a spaceship with all the galactic beings. I was standing close to the “window” looking at Earth, I felt that we as galactic beings are the future of humanity coming back in time to help our mother Gaia. When I was looking at Earth I felt so dear and near to her, I also have a company who will be going with me, that is my soul connection that Daniel has recognized in our session. When we incarnate into Earth, our consciousness splits into different streams, like rivers splitting off into smaller rivers. I saw three different versions of Earth (not too sure because the image was not that clear, but at least three) in different dimensions. Our consciousness splits into different streams that flow into different versions of Earth.

And the new guides that I met were actually Buddha and his companies. I also visited a sacred Buddhism site a few days ago before this session, which all makes sense now. I remember they give me two spinning symbols on each hand. These are basically the thing I am consciously aware of, after these experience, my consciousness started to drift off. My body felt so light and filled with high-frequency energy like I was floating. My conscious mind started to enter a dream state, while I also have the awareness that I’m dreaming while listening to Daniel, which is a pretty unique experience.

I guess the first half of the experience is enough for me to process for now, after that I shall listen to it and again and process the second half. It’s such a life-changing experience. I can’t express enough how grateful I am for having this experience. You are doing amazing work for all of us and the planet, Tracie, we are grateful for your effort and your mere existence (from my guides and myself). Btw I’m also one of those people that will receive Shamanic training, but more details will show up when I listen to it again.

Have a nice experience here on Earth!”

If you are interested in the Soul Emergence workshop, you can purchase a downloadable copy of it at this link:  https://www.fatfreecartpro.com/i/10f03

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