Reiki works in conjunction with the meridian energy lines and chakras through the use of a series of hand-positions. These hand-positions are usually placed along the chakra line, used both on thefront and back, and can include specific areas.

Whole body treatment

In a typical whole-body Reiki treatment usually the client will lay on a massage table. It would be beneficial for the client to have on comfortable and loose clothes. The practitioner would then start the Reiki process of placing the hands on the client in the various positions. The hands are usually kept still for 3 to 5 minutes before moving to the next position. Overall, the hand positions usually give a general coverage of the head, the front and back of the torso, the knees, and feet. Between 12 and 20 positions are used, with the whole treatment lasting between 45 minutes to an hour.

Some practitioners use a fixed set of hand positions, while others use their intuition to guide them as to where treatment is needed, sometimes starting the treatment with a “scan” of the client to find such areas. The intuitive approach might also lead to individuals being treated for a much shorter or longer period of time.

Often the client will feel warmth or tingling in the area being treated, even when a non-touching approach is being used. A state of deep relaxation, combined with a general feeling of well-being, is usually the most noticeable immediate effect of the treatment, although emotional releases can also occur. The Reiki treatment can stimulate a natural healing processes, instantaneous “cures” of specific health problems are not usually observed. A series of three or more treatments, typically at intervals of 1 to 7 days, is usually recommended if a chronic condition is being addressed. Regular treatments, on an on-going basis can be used with the aim of maintaining well-being. The interval between such treatments is typically in the range of 1 to 4 weeks, except in the case of self-treatment where daily practice is common.

Chinese Meridians

The seven major chakras; from top to bottom:

*The Crown Chakra.
*The Third Eye Chakra.
*The Throat Chakra.
*The Heart Chakra.
*The Solar Plexus Chakra.
*The Sacral Chakra.
*The Base / Root Chakra.

Colored Chakras