Psychic Intuitive / Medium Readings

What to expect with a Psychic Intuitive/Medium reading:

A reading can take place either in my office or on the phone. I will tune into your energy and the energies around you. i.e. Angels, Guides & Loved ones. I will bring forth messages from Spirit and do healing work if that is what we are guided to do. The readings are usually recorded for you to take home and listen to again, just in case you have missed something the first time, which is almost always the case. Reading are typically an hour long and hold lots of information.

House Clearing

A house clearing would in tale me either going to your house and walking through it to pick up the energies that need cleared or doing it by phone and energetically tuning into your home and what needs cleared from it. I bring in healing for the home and those who are in it and a sense of peace again. I sage the home and say prayers of protection around the home. If there are ghosts in the home I call in Spirit to help move them to their highest and best good removing them from your space and into the light. When I am done clearing a house it will usually feel lighter and more relaxed in the home. Most people report back that they sleep better and they are not so agitated anymore. Making their home a place they want to be.


*The Psychic sessions are not intended as professional advice of any kind, particularly medical, legal or business. If you make choices that normally include consulting with a licensed professional, it is suggested that you continue to do so. You are a physical being and the nonphysical beings that enter during a session are not recognized by Federal, State, or Local Governments, and accordingly, are not issued licenses to render professional opinions or advice. For entertainment purposes only.