The sadness you are feeling is your cellular memory letting go of the old patterns and belief systems you no longer need. It is like saying goodbye to an old friend. Your system is grieving. You are making room for something so big and wonderful that there will be no room for sadness anymore. For some of you this will make sense, for others you are not quite there yet and for yet others you have moved past this point. Hang in there everyone and call in your spiritual team to help you through the rough times. There is a new and amazing level of awareness out there and you are heading right for it.

Think of the world like a giant play or movie…… What part are you playing? Here is the beauty of this, if you don’t like the part you are playing then change it! Make a difference in this world and be a character you would want to see in a movie or play.

The world is your mirror to what is going on inside you. If you don’t like what you see then make a change. It really is that simple and it really does work. Begin your day with gratitude for what is going right and throughout the day hold gratitude for your day and count your blessings. You will find that after doing this for a couple of days you will start to see a difference in how you feel about life.

Love each day as it presents you with a uniqueness that is all it’s own. An experience that no other day can match. A Priceless journey to the next moment and then the next and so on. No matter what the day may bring, you will always know that this too shall pass. So harvest the joys and magic as they come and hold tight to the love as it shows itself in many ways. Be playful in your interactions with the day and breath in it’s gifts for you, in what ever form that takes.

There are days where staying in the flow is hard to do. Sometimes there are bumps in the road and it can upset the flow. Remember, when this happens, to stop for a moment and ask yourself… How do I want this to turn out? What would I like to have happen here? Maybe even put it down on a piece of paper and write it out. When your energy is focused on what you would like to have happen instead of the negative it will shift the energy for you and you will step back into the flow.

Energetically things are changing all around us, it is a good time to look through the things you no longer need or use and donate it. Clear the clutter and open the energy to a much softer vibration. When our homes and work space are clear it opens the flow to a much gentler energy and environment to come in.

Your blessings are here, they are waiting for you to call them in! Be willing to allow the flow and the process of which they arrive. The changes you are experiencing may be just what you were looking for, even if they have the illusion of something undesirable in the moment. Stay strong and hold the faith that you are experiencing something great and your dreams and desires are manifesting.

Today be present with your fears and all fear based energies. Clear those fears and open your heart to the life you were meant to have. God wants you to have an amazing life and experiences right now, but it is up to you to clear the way to allow that to happen. Send love to yourself and the planet today (Esp the leaders of the world) and hold gratitude that you are right on track for your amazing life.