The engineering of our minds tell us that there is right and wrong, which places us in the line of judging and judgement. What if everything just is, and there is no right and wrong? ….then what? Step into that space today and look at the things around you going on. Before being neutral, how were you judging those things? Which feels better to you? Being neutral about them or deciding if they are right or wrong? Which one takes more of your energy? Remember in the end, we will be our own judge of our lives, and we will judge ourselves as we judged others while we were here. Take a moment today to let that sit with you and then see how you go out into the world.

Sometimes we have to pull out the good fight to keep moving forward with our lives. If you are facing a challenge today, big or small, your Angels want you to know that they are with you every step of the way. Hand your worries and fears over to them and let them carry this for you. You are very loved and you are very important to this world. Call on your Spiritual helpers to get you through the hard times.

New to New Day Awakenings serves’s ….Skype calling.

Have you ever just gotten to that point where you are DONE?! Hammered?! Kaput?! Finished?! Nothing left?! Can’t do it anymore?! ….Yay! That is when you know you are ready for that big thing that is coming next. Hang in there, the change you have been looking for is right at your finger tips.

Today is a day that reminds us of how powerful our thoughts can be. The message behind the 1’s is about our thoughts and their manifesting power. Today being 1-11 I thought I would just post a little reminder of how amazing and creative we are. Just remember, we create what we are thinking about and feeling….. where are your thoughts and feelings today? What are you creating with that? Happy thoughts and Happy Sunday everyone!


As the world continues to change in so many ways, more and more people are “Waking up” to the call and the need to fulfill their path in life. Changing the very energy of this planet. Focusing more on the positive things in life and putting energy into love and peace. There is no choice but to CHANGE. We are the creators of this change, so lets all put our minds and thoughts together today and think loving and peaceful thoughts. Calling on everyone today to be an Earth Angel in some way. Lets all hold the faith that we CAN and WILL make a difference. ♥

Surrounding yourself with people who support you and hold your dreams with you, through the ups and downs, are the best way to speed up your manifesting into the new year. Make sure you are being supported by the ones you love, and please be sure to send your support to them as well. Magnify the power of Manifesting!

Like a snake we can shed the old skin of 2014 and begin fresh, clean, flawless and perfect for 2015. A year to remember, love and embrace, but also a year to release and say goodbye to the old. Happy New Years Eve everyone! Be safe, love and hug on yourself for all you have been through and accomplished this last year. You are amazing.