There are days where staying in the flow is hard to do. Sometimes there are bumps in the road and it can upset the flow. Remember, when this happens, to stop for a moment and ask yourself… How do I want this to turn out? What would I like to have happen here? Maybe even put it down on a piece of paper and write it out. When your energy is focused on what you would like to have happen instead of the negative it will shift the energy for you and you will step back into the flow.

Energetically things are changing all around us, it is a good time to look through the things you no longer need or use and donate it. Clear the clutter and open the energy to a much softer vibration. When our homes and work space are clear it opens the flow to a much gentler energy and environment to come in.

Your blessings are here, they are waiting for you to call them in! Be willing to allow the flow and the process of which they arrive. The changes you are experiencing may be just what you were looking for, even if they have the illusion of something undesirable in the moment. Stay strong and hold the faith that you are experiencing something great and your dreams and desires are manifesting.

Today be present with your fears and all fear based energies. Clear those fears and open your heart to the life you were meant to have. God wants you to have an amazing life and experiences right now, but it is up to you to clear the way to allow that to happen. Send love to yourself and the planet today (Esp the leaders of the world) and hold gratitude that you are right on track for your amazing life.

Sometimes, all a ghost wants, is to give a message. When fear enters the room it is not because the ghost is scary but because the ghost is scared, hurt, sad or angry at their situation. Once they can get their message out then they feel more free to go, more at peace with what happened to them.

Today’s message from a Ghost in a friend of mines house:
Our planet is toxic in many ways, including the food that we eat. Remember to raise the vibration of your food, air, water and planet through prayer and being conscious over what you are eating and how you are treating the planet itself. Every person makes a difference. One soon becomes two, then four, then eight….and so on. Make choices today to hold your body and the things you put in it at a high vibration. Soon others will follow and become more educated and aware. Stand up for a better planet and a better situation for everyone who lives here. No more excuses, the time is NOW. How many more loved ones do we have to loose before we “get it”.

What an honor it is to bring you this message. Thank you to all spiritual beings who love us enough to work so hard at getting us messages.

While you are reading this post today, take a moment to feel the love all around you. Really feel it. You are LOVED beyond your wildest dreams. Soak it in…..then, imagine you are sending that love out to every man, woman and child on this planet. Esp to those who have hurt you most. Send that love to the violence, the anger, the hate, the greed and then to all the leaders of this world. Visualize peace, unity, love, safety, compassion, grace, wisdom and forgiveness to all. Imagine for just a moment a world like that as if it is already here. A world where there is trust, and love and it is friendly and inviting. A world where we do the right thing for the planet and the people on it. Where everyone thrives and does well. ….Call in the highest and best good for everyone and know that your prayer, just now in this moment, has been heard and answered. I greatly thank you for the time you took today to heal our planet. For the selfless act of kindness to see the human race healed and living in peace. May your love today return to you tenfold.

Life can be a lot like the game Candy-land, Lots of curves and corners with something new at every turn, Many colorful things along the way and with the overall goal of getting home. God wants you to have faith that you are on track, that your path is set up perfectly for your soul development and, that as long as you are living each day doing the best that you can, you will reach your goal of getting home. You are always loved and never alone. Remember to always put your energy into what it is you would like and desire in life and let the fear based energies go. ♥

Sometimes we can get caught up in the day to day things in life, to the point where the little things are setting us off in a negative direction. Today, close your eyes and rise above the events that are going on around you and look at the bigger picture. It will help you get a new perspective and bring in more clarity then you had before. I always find it helps me to relax and let go of my little annoyances. Once that happens you can step back into the flow and things will shift. ♥

Sometimes when change is in the air, it is hard to keep the faith that we will have all of our needs met financially and materially. Hold strong with your confidence that God and your Angels are always working in your highest and best good. Things are lining up for you and will serve you in your souls highest good and development. You have the security of knowing you are always loved and God is working on you and with you every step of the way. ♥

There comes a time in our lives where we realize the past is the past and it is time to let  go of the old baggage and give ourselves a fresh start, or a re-birth of who we are. Now is a great time to release the past and re-invent yourself. Look at the path you are on, decide how you would like that to go now that you have release the old patterns and ideas from the past. Keep your thoughts on the things you desire as if they are already yours and put that first step forward. There is nothing holding you back, so shoot for the stars….and beyond.