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Angel Message: As the vibration in each individual raises, that takes them out of fear. As the fear is released and no longer a threat to the person, that is when God can truly step in with guidance and love. Letting go of the fear is what will bring your vibration up, and allow for a new connection with source that you have never known before. Know that this is waiting for you. If you are in fear in any area of your life right now, take a moment to step out of that fear, rise above it and allow for God to step in.

You may be facing a challenge right now in your life, there are lessons in these moments and things we can learn in the experience. Ask God and the Angels to come help you see what it is the experience is bringing you. Be open to taking some steps that might be different than you would normally take. Be ready to forgive situations that in the past you would not have forgiven, and be open to a beautiful change that is ready for you when you do this.

There are many miracles and blessing in our lives. Each day we have things we can look back on and see where the blessing were placed in our path. Sometimes it is in the painful things that the blessings soon show themselves. Reflect on today and find your blessings.

How was everyone’s day today? Mine was a wonderment of wonky with a little twist of synchronicity and then wrapped it up with some great sessions and amazing people. Sometimes something doesn’t work so something else can. 😉 Don’t let a change of plans get you down, it is making room for something else to come in.

September Specials

I am running some September specials right now for all the new beginnings and of course the endings that are getting us to the new beginnings. Contact me to set up an appointment.

More and more I am witnessing people manifesting their desires. Lots of shifting and changing going on in the world. So a huge reminder to everyone, PLEASE keep your mind on your desires. The world is responding to you, so put out the thoughts and desires that bring to you a wonderful life. Keep your hamster wheel of negative replays in a closet. Don’t let it consume your thoughts, or you will just manifest more negativity, and it will be hard to see your way out of it. Happiness begins with you. See yourself in happy settings having fun and enjoying life.


I have a theme that keeps coming up in readings, and also for a reminder to myself. We need to all pray more. Pray over your families, your homes, your jobs, your health, your love life and so on. We hold power in our prayers. Ask God for help. Ask to receive the highest good that is in alignment with you. Prayers are powerful and prayers in groups are amplified and even more powerful. Find your trusted friends that support you and you them, and Pray in your blessings. Then hold great gratitude for those blessings.