There are days where we would just rather throw in the towel then to go one more minute, but I am here to tell you, YOU CAN DO IT! God is bringing you victory in your battles. Remember that sometimes when we feel it the least God is working the hardest. This is your time to shine. Victory is yours.

What would the world be like if we were able to preview each response we give, and work out our answers to the other person before actually responding? Making it so we find the proper response for the outcome we truly desire. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Well, I think we can work towards that each day by watching our response to others, hold back from reaction and take a moment to think it through, and of course, Call in your Angels to help you find just the right thing to say so you respond in love.

We all go through times where there are large amounts of change in our lives. If you are currently going through a big change then this message is for you. Trust in the process, what doesn’t feel comfortable right now will make complete sense to you soon. The changes you are going through are leading you to a positive outcome.

To go deeper within ourselves can be intimidating. Looking at our shadow selves and finding our honesty and true nature as well as our light selves and where we shine and succeed. The energy that is around us now, and for the last 2 months, has been bringing us on this journey. Finding our True Selves, both in the areas we thrive in and in the areas we try not to see. It is time now to open to all parts of who you are. Jump in and say hello to your authentic self. Acknowledge the pieces you have been hiding from and embrace it all. This is when it all comes together and your Truth will come out.

Angel Message: Turn it around. If things are not going the way you had hopped then it is time to turn it around. It is time to take ownership and create the outcome, to your future, that you desire. Stop waiting for it to just happen. See it, feel it, and be it. These are all ways to manifest the energy that supports the desire. So even if you are limited on what you can do in the “reality” of the world, you can still spend time in “love” with your dreams. Go create as if it is already true.

The Angels want you to know that even when things are down and out, that they are still right there with you. Sometimes it is important to go through the hard times to get you to the point of shedding the old ways, and make room for new ones. Ask your Angels to come in and help you see the light among all the darkness. The best parts of life are worth working for. Keep your thoughts high and your chin up, it is about to get a whole lot better.

The Ascension Council: When one goes through emotions, it is not good or bad, it is not wrong or right, it just is. As the human experience, it is important to remember that you are not your feelings, or even your physical body for that matter, you are here having an experience. Today, be with the emotions that arise within you, look at them as if you are standing outside of them, and see them as the experience they are offering. Love the fact that you are here at this time in the world experiencing emotions like this, to let you know you are alive. To give you the ability to experience a human form, with love, touch, a voice to speak and emotions that help evolve you to your next level of understanding. You are living in a form that experiences love on so many levels, go out and enjoy love at the level it is being offered to you today. Be love. You are in a time of co-creation, start creating from the heart, from love, this is the key to your dream life.

The temple is not the massive stone walls of a majestic church building, the temple is not a place to seek out and travel to, the temple is YOU, and the knowledge is in your connection to that part of you, that is the temple.

This world that we share is not what it seems, as we evolve our way of thinking do you not notice that the world responds to us in a different way? Things are not happening to us, they are happening for us and because of us. This is a time to be aware of what we believe to be true. A time to open to a new kind of reality.

True peace is inside yourself. It is always there, it is always accessible. If you are finding yourself falling into the trap of the illusions around you, then today make time to sit quietly (even if only for 5 min) and go to that place God has made in each of us, that place where our love lives and the peace of mind thrives. Take a breath, be gentle with yourself, ask the questions about what is truly real. It is easy to get caught up in life when it comes at you fast and hard, but remember that you are always taken care of, and you will always be loved. Let go of the fear and step into the peace of mind. This is the day God has made, and you were meant to thrive on this day.