Hypnosis Healing Session

Today, while working with a client, I had her in a regression and we were working on healing emotional wounds, when all of the sudden as I had called in the healing workers from the higher vibrations, I started seeing an orange light on her body with my physical eyes. It would hover in the area they were working on her. I was able to tell her what they were working on, and then where they moved once done with that spot. When the session was over she asked me “How did you know where they were working on me? I could feel them working on me, then you would tell me that same exact spot!” Yes, I love my work.  Thank you Spirit.

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New Earth

The excitement of taking someone through a QHHT session and they are experiencing being a light being that is bringing God’s loving Energy to the New Earth. Getting it ready for people to live there. No fear in this place. Only love, and trust. Everyone is an empath so there is no lying or cheating, no point to it. A collective group of people existing in peace. Sounded amazing. It is there already, we are just making our way to it.

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Past life regression.

Remembering being a young British Soldier, in the 7 yrs war, through a past life regression in the QHHT session. Wanting to please the Generals, and a Father who was a soldier at one time. Seeing a war scene with life threatening injuries that result in disabilities at the young age of 20. (became a soldier at 16) Can’t fire a weapon any longer but being pressured to go back out to the battle field, which would be certain death.
Lesson? ….let go of trying to please other people, they only have their own agenda in mind.

What is time?

I love to learn, and every day I learn something new with the work I do. Today I learned that two souls, who died 3 yrs apart, crossed over together at the same time. A big reminder that time isn’t real. Their exit points from the body were at different times according to our earthy dimension, but from the other dimension, of what we might call Heaven, they crossed together. It was something else to see that in my mind and then find the word to share it. What an amazing day.

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The way readings are coming in is changing….

Sessions are getting more and more interesting when working with clients that want to explore in the beyond. Today, while doing a reading, I had my eyes closed and got taken away in a bubble into different dimensions and into space. At one point it spun and I actually grabbed for my desk in front of me. The information that came in was priceless, and so was the experience. Wow.