Galactic and Dimensional Journeys

If you missed the live workshop, but you would still like to participate in the Galactic journeys, you can now purchase the audio version on my website.
Here is a testimonial from Judy, who participated in the live workshop.
“The Galactic and Dimensional Journeys workshop was very powerful and jam packed with so many different components!
I personally experienced so much!
A shifting of perspective on the components that make up Earth, fun in the Dragon Realm, travels to a water world, meeting with Galactic Councils, activating crystals and the grid, and so much more!!!
What an amazing experience!!
Tracie is highly skilled in this work and I thoroughly recommend this and all her other workshops.”
Description of workshop:
In this workshop Tracie channels in Arcturian Daniel, as well as others, for a wonderful 2 hour journey through dimensions, time and other galaxies. This is a time for downloads, activations and transformations.
It is an incredible adventure you learn more about the expansive part of you, and finding new perspectives in life.
While on this Journey you will talk to councils as well as hearing from 3 Galactic teachers, who speak to you about your purpose, your gifts and help you step more into your truth.
May you enjoy the journey, and find your way to the deeper parts of who you are.