QHHT Earth Angel

There are many here on Earth working at making it a better place to live. In one of my QHHT sessions we found out that the client was an Earth Angel. Here to help people and bring in healing. To all the Earth Angels and Volunteers here at this time, Thank you for all you do to make this a better world.

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New Session Available!!

Ascension Activation Sessions now Available.

Up to 2 hrs of Channeled Calibrations and light codes, meeting off planet councils, visiting other realms, clearing energy blocks, soul tuning, scanning your aura for any vibrational discrepancies and more.  Each session is individual therefore no two sessions are alike. In your session you will be taken on a journey as I channel your personal Light Council that has vibrational activation and information for you.

*This session can be done in person, by phone or by video.


Ascension Activation Session

We are multi-dimensional beings, and as such, it is possible to have experiences in other realms. Yesterday, on a fantastic journey, where neither of us knew where it was going to go, we jumped into the Fairy realm. The colors were bright and alive, the feelings were intensified and the information that came in was invaluable. When we open our minds to infinite possibilities, anything can happen! #LoveMyLife

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Leveling UP!

More and more in my sessions, people are coming that are ready for the next level. Downloads and activations are taking place. It has been a very magical journey to share that with clients. My personal experience with these sessions is that the Arcturians will come in through a channel. They share messages and healing for the client. Life has never been so interesting and magical.

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