Ascension Session

In today’s ascension session the client was guided into the water, then brought to a secret entry way which lead to an underwater city, which appeared to be GOLD. It was beautiful and breathtaking. As the Channel I was able to see, and feel this space, and it took my breath away. #TheMagicIsReal #FeelingBlessed #Ascension

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QHHT Session

In today’s QHHT session the client remembered a life as a shape shifter. She spent most of her time as a person, but when needed she could shift into a dragon. Her mother was the Queen or leader of the people, and at one point to save and protect the people, she had used up all her dragon power. In doing so this turned her color to white. It was a huge sacrifice, but one she was willing to make. A very magical life to remember, and one that now I will not forget either. #TheMagicIsReal #Dragons #QHHT

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Ascension Activation Session

I haven’t posted about a session in a while… I think it is time! 😉
Today was a most amazing and beautiful session. As we got started, my client was sensing someone to her right. As we tuned in, to our surprise, it was an Elf. Not a loved one, like we would have thought. So the elf had come to take her on a journey. This was not how the sessions was intended to go, but we were both excited to see where it would lead us! There was a powerful journey to visit a land she once came from, and she learned of how she came to the human form and the earth experience to represent the Elf and fairy land and community. She was of high standing in this world and they were thrilled to greet her and remind her of who she was. What a blessed day it was. Then of course, we brought in her dragon and continued the journey to other realms.
Morel of the story is, be open to where spirit wants to take you and Magic can and Will happen. #TheMagicIsReal #LifeIsGood

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