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***On the next “Kimla and Company” Feb 7, 2019 at 9pm ET/6pm PT we’ll be talking with my special guest Tracie Mahan CHt- Author, Hypnotherapist, QHHT Practioner, NLP, Intuitive Coach, and Reiki Master. Through her research and client sessions she will share her new learnings regarding the workings of the Universe. Does The Galactic Counsel really exist? What is time exactly? Do we have positive proof that time travel is something that can be experienced? Is it possible to contact Cosmic beings from our own mind? How can healing occur through hypnotherapy? So many questions and such little time! Join us on Thursday only on Beacon of Light Radio. BOLR – Blessings! Kimla
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Ascension Play date with Shaman Lisa-Jane Myers

Next level stuff happening all the time here lately. I had a very powerful session done on me today, with my magical and very connected friend, Lisa-Jane Myers. Lots of new frequencies for us both to assimilate to as we went through the session. Then a little trip through a portal that went out 7 galaxies. Amazing energy waiting for us there. Love the healing that took place and the amazing buzz going on afterwords. #TheMagicIsReal #Spaceisamazing #WeAreAllConnected

Ascension Activation Session

Our world can be the biggest illusion of them all. As we believe in time and space we also believe in separation. Today was another wonderful session to prove there is no such thing. Working with a beautiful soul sister 7000 miles away, and yet we felt as if we were in the same room. We go into the Ascension session and boom, so connected and so amazing. The Arcturian’s came in and greeted us, we spoke light language to each other then moved on to an amazing Journey to Atlantis, then on to meet the Sirians, and finally off to the world of Mermaids and their underwater Civilization. A powerful session of igniting and remembering abilities, balance and healing codes. #TheMagicIsReal #Arcturians #Mermaids #Atlantis

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Ascension Activation Session

I did a beautiful session with a friend of mine that is 3200 miles away from me. As soon as we both went into the sacred space of a deeper connection, we were both seeing, feeling and sensing the same things. The same motions and the same colors. Just a reminder of how connected we are and that we are not just the physical body, we are so much more. …then of course we went into a magical world of the Fairies, which is so wonderful every time that happens. #TheMagicIsReal