Angel Message: When you feel the pressure of the World upon you dear ones, this is a time to call us in and remember we are here to assist you. All too often it is the pressures of the Earthly existence that causes you to pull further away and forget we are here to help. Take a moment and look at your life/day, we ask you to find the areas in which you have been struggling, hurting, stressed and worried, this is where we need you to invite us in. Invite us in and let us help you clear away that which no longer serves you. We ask you to Breathe and make room for something magical to come into your life. It is time to let go of the old and breathe in the new. You were not meant to stay stuck in this place that keeps you down. You were meant to excel and be happy and successful. Be willing to release those parts of your life that are holding you back, and fly. ~Angels.