Sometimes, all a ghost wants, is to give a message. When fear enters the room it is not because the ghost is scary but because the ghost is scared, hurt, sad or angry at their situation. Once they can get their message out then they feel more free to go, more at peace with what happened to them.

Today’s message from a Ghost in a friend of mines house:
Our planet is toxic in many ways, including the food that we eat. Remember to raise the vibration of your food, air, water and planet through prayer and being conscious over what you are eating and how you are treating the planet itself. Every person makes a difference. One soon becomes two, then four, then eight….and so on. Make choices today to hold your body and the things you put in it at a high vibration. Soon others will follow and become more educated and aware. Stand up for a better planet and a better situation for everyone who lives here. No more excuses, the time is NOW. How many more loved ones do we have to loose before we “get it”.

What an honor it is to bring you this message. Thank you to all spiritual beings who love us enough to work so hard at getting us messages.