If you could get a message from God right now what do you think it would be? Look at your life up to this point and ask yourself “What would I do different if I could do it over?” or “If I could give my younger self a message about the future what would it be?” Hold compassion for yourself and others as you review the events in your life. As you review look to see if you would let go of the little things a little easier? Walk away from an argument? Say “I love you” more? Make more time in your life for your loved ones? Today’s challenge, where can you make changes in your life to create more of what you would like? Know that God/The Universe, your Angels, Guides and loved ones all want you to be happy and experience love. Just like you would want your own child to be happy and experience life in a loving way. Become what you would like to create and go forward with that. ♥