Ascension Activation Session

When taking the Ascension activation journeys we never know, until we are in it, who will be guiding the way. For this particular journey it was the Dragon. As the client entered into the world of the dragons, she was greeted as if she was well known there. All the dragons were acknowledging her and making noise as she passed by. We asked, “why is this happening?” …The answer, she was once a dragon herself. They remembered her. What a touching and moving moment that was.
When we open our minds to the possibilities, the world becomes a very magical and wondrous place. #themagicisreal


Lots of energy waves coming into the planet right now.

How are you sleeping???
Some may answer this as GREAT! Others might say WHAT SLEEP?! We have some strong waves of energy coming in right now. For some you may be up all night thinking about ever little aspect of life, while others can barely keep their eyes open. These waves are moving us into a higher consciousness. They are bringing in frequencies that our bodies and minds are integrating into our beings. You could say it is a DNA upgrade, and some might call it Re-coding our programs. Either way, it affects us physically when we adjust to the new waves coming in. Drink lots of water, get rest where possible, meditate or pray for some clarity, and do your best to enjoy the ride. Life is good and getting better every day.

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