Ascension Activation Session

I did a beautiful session with a friend of mine that is 3200 miles away from me. As soon as we both went into the sacred space of a deeper connection, we were both seeing, feeling and sensing the same things. The same motions and the same colors. Just a reminder of how connected we are and that we are not just the physical body, we are so much more. …then of course we went into a magical world of the Fairies, which is so wonderful every time that happens. #TheMagicIsReal

My Magical Day

Today’s magic was something else. A beautiful hawk sitting outside my window at the office, and later a herd of Elk in a field nearby. The world is always taking too us, we just have to slow down and listen. A good lesson for me today. ❤ #TheMagicIsReal #lifeisgood

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Ascension Activation Session

Colors carry a Frequency. In an Ascension Activation session I asked the client to tell me what color she was seeing. She responded with Purple. I then asked her to move her vibration above purple, what color does she see now? ….an Indescribable color came through for her. A frequency she was not familiar with in our world. Then she was activated at this frequency and given the codes to bring this energy back with her. #NewEarth #TheMagicIsREal #PowerUP

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Ascension Activation Session

Today’s ascension journey took us deep into the forests of the Dragon Realm. My client had many lifetimes there, and was very connected to the magic of this land. At one point, she remembered being one of the human like people living there. She was living in a house that would expand as she needed it too, just from an intention. The rooms would get bigger or smaller as needed. Creating from focused thought. It was an amazing journey. #TheMagicIsreal #LoveMyJob #Dragons

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