Angel message: Today when you go out into the world, make it a point to shine bright. Be the Light in someone else’s darkness. You never know when the opportunity will come to change a life for the better. You hold wisdom and it is time to share that wisdom through random acts of kindness and love.

We are in some confusing times of what is real and what is not. Things going on around us that are amazing, beautiful and unbelievable. Then there are those things that are appalling, scary and heartbreaking. As you continue to shift and raise your awareness in this world your experiences will change. Keep your mind on the beauty and keep moving toward the solutions. The solutions of building your reality around love based things. That is how we shift the greater experience. Send love to all, eventually it will reach them.

Time heals and hindsight brings answers. Maybe you don’t understand what is going on in your life right now, but this too shall pass, and your answers will come. Hang in there, it will all make sense eventually. Know you are loved and never alone.

Who you are will change daily. Make room in your mind and heart for these shifts to happen for you. Remember to do the same for all those around you as well. We are here to evolve and learn, to NOT follow that with all your heart, in the manner of which you choose to in this life, is like saying NO to your soul, and sending it to bed with no supper! What does your heart desire? How do you allow that in? Make some changes in your life every day that lead you to this desire. You are a master manifester and co-creator of your life. Step in and start allowing and creating.