Angel Message: When you feel the pressure of the World upon you dear ones, this is a time to call us in and remember we are here to assist you. All too often it is the pressures of the Earthly existence that causes you to pull further away and forget we are here to help. Take a moment and look at your life/day, we ask you to find the areas in which you have been struggling, hurting, stressed and worried, this is where we need you to invite us in. Invite us in and let us help you clear away that which no longer serves you. We ask you to Breathe and make room for something magical to come into your life. It is time to let go of the old and breathe in the new. You were not meant to stay stuck in this place that keeps you down. You were meant to excel and be happy and successful. Be willing to release those parts of your life that are holding you back, and fly. ~Angels.

Life can have many distractions, up, downs and so on. Today is a great day to check in with yourself and your priorities, to see where you are at. The roller coaster of January is winding down, and Resetting your intentions and getting grounded with what it is you desire is good to do often. This will help you so you don’t loose track of your goals and you can stay on track both physically and energetically. It’s time to check in.

Lost is a way that we have become, because it is only in being lost that we will start to look for our way home again. When things get worse, know that the opposite is true as well. The pendulum will swing back the other way, and the balance will be created. There are some pretty big extremes out there in the world today. Do not put your energy into that which feeds the fear, it only amplifies the fear. Find ways to bring yourself, and the world back to a place of peace and comfort. Life can be exciting without all the cruelty. Lets all put our energy on a beautiful and exciting life that comes from love.

During this time in January, where we are on the path of the Mercury Retrograde, it is a great time to shed all those old memories of negative people from your past. The one’s who made you feel lesser than, who made you feel bad about your appearance, your size, your intelligence and so on. These people have served their purpose and are no longer needed in your life or in your mind. No more free rent… let them and the negative thinking go. This is the year to shine with your true essence. Time to embrace you and laugh more, love more, feel more and enjoy more. No more sitting on the bench wishing you had what the negative people want. You are already perfect. Live that way.

We have been through these cycles before, it is time to wake up and remember how to Heal them and us. No longer are we meant to suffer among the disease, the pain and the greed. It is time to take action on our parts. We, as a community, need to stand together and say no more. Allowing the colony of beautiful minds to come together and realize we have the power to change things, we have the power to create the beauty we long for. That is when we will move forward with leaps and bounds, let this be the lifetime we choose to step into that power.

Is your stubbornness robbing you of a good life?
Look at your life today and see where you might be holding grudges, standing your ground, being strong, saying NO, and just plan ole not doing what you truly would rather be doing, because of an old belief system that is causing you to be stubborn. What if there were no rules? What would happen if you decided to let that grudge go? Say yes? Forgive? Go play? Even just reading it feels better, doesn’t it? Give it a try today. Find the places in your life where you are stopping yourself from living.

As we bring in this new year, we are also experiencing some very powerful and new energy and awakenings. The Mercury retrograde is coming in to help us usher out the old ways and open the door for the new ways to come in. We are only on day 2 of the retrograde and let me tell you, it is going to work in big ways. Remember to breathe through the rougher moments and to help others do the same. One of my biggest messages right now is that we all need to be supportive and helpful to each other! Things can get hard as we are moving through some of this energy so keep yourselves in check with this and remember to have some compassion for others who may not know what it is they are going through.