True peace is inside yourself. It is always there, it is always accessible. If you are finding yourself falling into the trap of the illusions around you, then today make time to sit quietly (even if only for 5 min) and go to that place God has made in each of us, that place where our love lives and the peace of mind thrives. Take a breath, be gentle with yourself, ask the questions about what is truly real. It is easy to get caught up in life when it comes at you fast and hard, but remember that you are always taken care of, and you will always be loved. Let go of the fear and step into the peace of mind. This is the day God has made, and you were meant to thrive on this day.

Have you been asking for help in some area of your life? Know that you have been heard. Know that even in the silence of waiting you are being helped. Know that the Angels and God are working on your behalf even as you read this. Today’s sign that you are perfectly taken care of is a Rose. Hold gratitude today as you are loved.

If a dream is in your heart, it was put there to show you what you are capable of. It was Not put there to create sadness,Step out of the limits of your mind and take steps toward that dream today. The only one that CAN do it is YOU. Happiness is around every corner, go get some!

Now that the Mercury retrograde is fading out and we are in the shadow of it’s passing, there will be a shedding of old skin and a fresh new start in some area of your life. Be willing to work with the changes that are coming to you now, and know that it is all moving you into a direction of your highest and best good.

If you are the rock and life is your pond, would you be creating ripples or Harmony in your pond? In other words, what part do you play in the harmony or disharmony of your life? It is always good to take a step back and get a feel for where you fit in, in the events of your life. It is Life review time!

Do you have lots of changes going on in your life? Or decisions weighing on you? Know that you are being supported by spirit, God, Your Angels and loved ones. They do know how hard it is to be here in the human experience, so call them in and let them help guide you through it. Give them your worries and fears and ask them to show you signs of the direction to take. Doors will open for you when you step out of the way and allow for the flow.