Thoughts formulating reality and bringing all dreams to completion. Are all your material needs being met? Are all your thoughts supporting your needs, desires and outcomes? Pause in this moment and form a thought that supports a reality you desire…. Now, know this reality is yours to have. Bring it into the core of who you are and let all non-supporting beliefs dissolve. heart emoticon Dream big because it is all possible.

Angel message: As the energy of the planet can, at times be heavy and weighing, we ask you to step into a childlike playfulness today. Find reasons to laugh, smile and find your joy. As you bring out the inner child you will soon discover that your problems are no longer so heavy, and your solutions will flow in much clearer. ….So bring out that Child like wonderment and expand that energy of JOY!

Life is moving full speed ahead, did you get on that train? Moving forward in life can be fun, exciting and very powerful, but remember, when life gets busy, you need to stop and take time to remember why you are doing it all in the first place. Check in today on your priorities. Remember the who’s and whys you are working so hard. Bring balance into your day and witness how much smoother the day will go.


Feel the movement of the energy. When the door opens, walk threw it. When it shuts, trust that it is the Universe just bringing you a bigger more abundant door! You are always moving towards greatness. Believe in yourself and your dreams and then watch them all come true. You are loved on levels you don’t even understand yet. Go out in the world and move into your dreams and desires.

The magic has always been inside each one of us. Over the years and generations we have forgotten how to summons the magic, but now we are starting to remember again! Buckle up and pull in your super power of creation. Swirl in the world you desire to live in. Create, in your mind and heart, what you are ready and willing to experience. In other words WORK YOUR MAGIC!

Sometimes it is better to just love and let the rest go. You are where you are suppose to be. Everything and everyone that got you there was just along for the ride. heart emoticon Blessings in disguise.

Creating peace for yourself when among chaos, can be as simple as thinking of the things you love. Change your mood and the chemistry of your body to something healthier and more inviting. Spend time in the things you love today.

So often we can get lost in our thoughts around finances, our path in life, and what is life all about? What is the point to it all? Remember dear ones that you do have a grand purpose on this Earth. That there is meaning in everything you do and say. That your path leads you to your own souls enlightenment and evolution. Have faith that their is a purpose to it all. Stay in communication with your Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters and God and know that you are always taken care of, even in the hardest of times. They are listening.

As a collective consciousness we create the world we live in. So lets take a second to look at the world we are creating. If you see what I see, you know it is time to make a change. Collectively and individually we can make this change happen. It can be as simple as turning someone’s bad day good. Lets shift this energy into something we enjoy. Something that feels good to step into. One person at a time, yet collectively the numbers are unlimited.

The engineering of our minds tell us that there is right and wrong, which places us in the line of judging and judgement. What if everything just is, and there is no right and wrong? ….then what? Step into that space today and look at the things around you going on. Before being neutral, how were you judging those things? Which feels better to you? Being neutral about them or deciding if they are right or wrong? Which one takes more of your energy? Remember in the end, we will be our own judge of our lives, and we will judge ourselves as we judged others while we were here. Take a moment today to let that sit with you and then see how you go out into the world.