If you have found yourself worrying lately about your material needs, God and the Angels are asking you to have faith and trust that you are, and always will be, taken care of. Let go of your attachment to the material world around you, and see beyond it. Hold onto what really matters in life, Your loved ones! When you do this, then the hold of the material goods will no longer have you in it’s grasp, and you will be more free and supplied for then you have ever experienced. Open your heart and mind to this level of experience and see what doors will open for you.

Sometimes we are forced to soul search, because it is time for a change, and the Universe is pushing you to take a look at your options. If you are feeling that push right now, take a moment to look around. What would you like to have happen? How would you rather be feeling? ….yeah, create that.

A message from the ascended Masters; Keep your thoughts high and off the material world, as you are creating attachments to things that do not matter. Raise your awareness to something beyond yourself and be purposeful in your everyday life, that is when your path will become clear and your direction more obvious.