Love each day as it presents you with a uniqueness that is all it’s own. An experience that no other day can match. A Priceless journey to the next moment and then the next and so on. No matter what the day may bring, you will always know that this too shall pass. So harvest the joys and magic as they come and hold tight to the love as it shows itself in many ways. Be playful in your interactions with the day and breath in it’s gifts for you, in what ever form that takes.

There are days where staying in the flow is hard to do. Sometimes there are bumps in the road and it can upset the flow. Remember, when this happens, to stop for a moment and ask yourself… How do I want this to turn out? What would I like to have happen here? Maybe even put it down on a piece of paper and write it out. When your energy is focused on what you would like to have happen instead of the negative it will shift the energy for you and you will step back into the flow.

Energetically things are changing all around us, it is a good time to look through the things you no longer need or use and donate it. Clear the clutter and open the energy to a much softer vibration. When our homes and work space are clear it opens the flow to a much gentler energy and environment to come in.