Life can present lots of life challenges, trauma’s, tragedies, personal crises and just plain ‘ole’ life problems. Don’t let that keep you down. You are never alone, so call on your God, Angels, Guides, and loved ones to help you get back on your feet and make the changes needed to do what you came here in this life to do. Stand back up and have the faith that you have everything you need to follow your heart and accomplish your goals. Bounce back with force and remember what a gift it is to be alive. Go live that gift. ♥

What is weighing on you today? Finances? Health? Job? School? Path? What ever it is, this is your message that everything will be ok. Hold gratitude, faith and trust that God is with you every step of the way. Let go of the fear and worry and hand things over to spirit and ask for their help. Stay in the moment and stay in the energy of joy, love and gratitude. When you do this then you create things to be joyous and Grateful for. ♥

Have you ever had those moments in life that really put your priorities in alignment? Help you to see where your focus is and where it should be? Really opens your eyes to what is important in life? Today, let this post be that moment. Look at where your energy is going and what you are putting your focus on….if it is not lining up with your hearts desires for life and the people who are important to you then make a change. Change can be as simple as how you are thinking about the things in your life. Make a shift today and start putting your energy into a desire you have for your world today. Keep your thoughts positive and on what you would like to have happen. If you do this the rest will fall into place.

Loving the World continues. If we want the planet we live on to be peaceful, then those of us living on it, must act in love. Ask yourself today, where you could change your energy and act in a more loving way? Step out of fear and into a space of love in what ever you are going through today and then send that love out into the world. Pray for the answers to come to you, call on your Angels to help you and hold the faith that you are creating the change you desire. ♥