Sometimes things don’t always go as planned or we get news that isn’t quite what we hoped. Know that you are never alone. Your Angels, Guides and loved ones know that you are in need of support and they are on the other side Doing everything they can to help you through your disappointments, hardships, heartaches and more. Call on them daily and know that even when it seems you are the most alone in the world, that is when God is working the hardest in your life. ♥

Your path of material possessions and the pursuit for financial riches may feel as though it is starting to fade. As you become more “AWAKE” you will find your need for gratification of those sorts no longer fills the void inside you. Pursue now the things that make your heart sing and your mind and body come alive. Be the magic that grows inside you and express it to the world. Let go of your worry with the old ways of the material world and move into the things that really matter to you. ♥

With all the changes going on in this world, it is time more now then ever, to stand tall in who and what you are. Your truth may not be the same truth as the person next to you and yet that doesn’t make you or them right or wrong. Each truth can be different and still be right for the person that resonates with that truth. Be aware of what feels right for you and let the rest fall away. It is a great time to step into who you came here to be and hold the courage to make those changes. Call on God, the Masters and the Angels to walk you through this time of change. Take each day one moment at a time and take from it the knowledge it holds and provides. Open your heart to your desires and you will find it empowers you to be all you came here to be.

When you are putting energy into manifesting and attracting things into your life, have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you want that desire? Why do you want a relationship? Why do you want a vacation? Why do you want to move? Why do you want a new job? ….why? Most likely it is not the object you are working on that is your true desire but the answer to the “Why?” that you would like to manifest. for instance; I want to be happy, feel accomplished, feel relaxed, be at peace, feel more stable, feel safe, comfortable and empowered….the list can go on and on. If you let go of our assumptions and preconceived ideas of how this will come to you, and just ask for the desired feelings, then you may be surprised at how that comes to you. Today call on your Angels, Guides, and God to bring you the “Why” and hold the faith that your desire will come in miraculous ways.