Our thoughts and words are so important. As we put our thoughts out into the world the Universe uses them to create our reality. What would you like your reality to be? I see so many posts about what people don’t want, yet their energy is going right into creating more of that very thing they would like to stop, by putting their thoughts there. If you “don’t want” animal abuse then you should be posting pictures of animals being loved on. If you are ready for war to be over then you should picture peace and so on. Today put your thoughts, words and heart into what you would like to create. See the world as you would like it to be…as if it already was that world. Step out of fear and into love. Be the creator of something more magnificent starting NOW.

When I think of vacation I think of a more relaxed and peaceful time. A time to play and laugh. A time to let go of stress and worry. What if it can be like that all the time? ….I think it can. I think we can change the way we think about the day to day stuff and create vacation energy in everyday life. Smile more, relax more, laugh more. ….Enjoy today as if it were a vacation. Be grateful for your world of peace, love, relaxation and happiness. Bring that into your heart….and so it is. ♥

If you could get a message from God right now what do you think it would be? Look at your life up to this point and ask yourself “What would I do different if I could do it over?” or “If I could give my younger self a message about the future what would it be?” Hold compassion for yourself and others as you review the events in your life. As you review look to see if you would let go of the little things a little easier? Walk away from an argument? Say “I love you” more? Make more time in your life for your loved ones? Today’s challenge, where can you make changes in your life to create more of what you would like? Know that God/The Universe, your Angels, Guides and loved ones all want you to be happy and experience love. Just like you would want your own child to be happy and experience life in a loving way. Become what you would like to create and go forward with that. ♥

There are times we get caught up in what appears to be real. Events and situations around us that take up our time and attention. Make it a point today to call on your Masters, Guides, Angels and God to help you clear the clutter of what seems real and bring in clarity to what IS REAL. It may be time to look at what really is important in this world and let the rest go. Let go of hurt and anger that no longer serves you. Make peace with yourself and then it will naturally happen with others. Life is your mirror to your reality…. what is it telling you? ♥

Sometimes in life all’s we need is a little compassion and understanding by others. When life is coming at you full force a simple gesture from a friend, loved one or even a stranger can be all the comfort you need to get through it. Today ask your Angels, Guides, loved ones and God where you can be that compassionate one for someone in need. Hold space for those around you today and give them the compassion you would want if you were in their shoes. Hugs and love to you all. ♥